Council Elections

Adapting to the Academy’s growing membership, its increased emphasis on transparency and fairness, and growing interest in service on the Council, the Nominating Committee, endorsed and supported by the ACLP Council, is for the first time opening the nominations process to all Academy Fellows. In the past, the nominations process has resided entirely within the Nominating Committee.

Chapter V, Section 2.1A of the bylaws, “Election of Councilors,” states: To be elected to the office of Councilor a candidate must be a Fellow of the Academy. Councilors are elected at the annual business meeting of the Academy for three-year terms. Councilors may succeed themselves for a second three-year term not counting partial terms.

Only Academy Fellows in good standing are eligible candidates to stand in the elections to the Council in November. The application deadline is Sunday, July 1; please continue reading for details on the nominations process and how to nominate yourself or someone else for consideration.

Application process

Nominations will only be accepted online via this application process and must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, July 1. The deadline will not be extended and nominations submitted via other means will not be accepted.

You may nominate yourself or another. If you nominate someone else, please confirm in advance that s/he is a current Fellow in good standing. Candidates not meeting this eligibility requirement, including applicants for fellowship status, will not be considered.

The most important element of the nomination process is the Letter of Nomination, which MUST, in addition to any comments you make in support of your candidacy or that of your nominee, include the following sections:

What positions are available?

There are four council positions becoming available in November, each of a 3-year term. Two incumbents are eligible for nomination for a second term.

What does service as a councilor involve?

There are usually two physical meetings of the Council each year: at the annual meeting and in the spring.

If you are elected at the annual business meeting on Saturday, November 17, your first meeting as a councilor will be on Sunday, November 18, which is normally scheduled for 7:30-11:30AM. You are expected to participate until it adjourns. Thereafter, there are two Council sessions at the annual meeting: the Wednesday afternoon prior to the start of the annual meeting, and again on Sunday morning. The Academy does not reimburse costs for your attendance at Council meetings held in conjunction with the annual meeting.

The spring meeting of the Council occurs in May or June for two full days; the date and location is determined by the incoming president and is usually announced at the annual meeting. Your costs to attend this meeting are reimbursed by the Academy.

The Council meets by conference call in January to review and adopt the annual budget. On rare occasions additional conference calls may be scheduled. The Executive Committee meets monthly by conference call and councilors are invited, however, participation is not mandatory.

Councilors are expected to chair a standing committee; your appointment to one will be determined by the Council and depends on your skills and capabilities. You will be expected to fully participate in the work of the Council, reading and writing reports, and contributing fully to discussions.

Process; Notifications

After the call for nominations closes on Sunday, July 1, the Nominating Committee will review and consider candidates. By July 31, per bylaws, the Nominating Committee submits a slate of candidates to the Council for approval. Once approved by the Council, all candidates, whether or not selected, are notified by August 15. The slate of candidates is notified to the Academy membership no later than September 17. The elections are scheduled for the annual business meeting of members on Saturday, November 17.