ACLP Press Releases

2017 November
APM Members Vote to Change Name

2017 May
Standardized Screening for Alcohol-Related Dementia Can Improve Treatment and Prognosis

2017 March
Improved Diagnosis and Electronic Health Record Recording of Delirium Can Improve Patient Outcomes

2017 February
Using the Rashomon Effect as a Tool To Work Through Moral Distress

2017 February
Collaborative Care Psychiatrists Should Play An Active Role in the Hepatitis C Epidemic

2017 January
Collaborative Care Effective for Treating Women with Depression

2016 November
Expanding the Role of the Community Psychiatrist For Hepatitis C Patients with Schizophrenia

2016 November
Psychiatric Manifestations of Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

2016 October
Opening the Lines of Communication for Patients With Contested Illnesses

2016 August
Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy Need Psychiatric Assessment and Management

2016 July
Psychosomatics Offers Psychiatrists Clinical Recommendations for Service Dogs in the ICU

2016 June
High Prevalence of Psychopathology in Patients with End-Stage Heart Failure Using Mechanical Circulatory Support According to New Article Published in Psychosomatics

2016 April
Pregnant Women with Substance Abuse Disorders Require Collaborative Care Between Psychiatrists and Other Health Care Providers According to New Article Published in Psychosomatics

2016 April
New Report Highlights Evidence for Integrated Care – Collaborative Care Model