ACLP Council

The governing body of the Academy is the ACLP Council, which oversees all efforts to pursue the mission of the Academy and  concerns itself with maintaining the standards and effectiveness of the Academy. The many responsibilities of the Council are outlined in the ACLP Bylaws, “Chapter III. The Council.”  The members of the current Council are listed below.

ACLP 2017-2018 COUNCIL
at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, California
APM Council 2017-18

Back row:  Drs. Steven Epstein, Jeff Huffman, Michael Sharpe, Christina Wichman, Philip Bialer, Rebecca Brendel, Thomas Heinrich, Maryland Pao

Front row:  Drs. Maria Tiamson-Kassab, Sandra Rackley, Paul Desan, James Rundell, Robert Boland, Madeleine Becker, David Gitlin, J. Michael Bostwick

Not pictured:  Dr. Robert Joseph and James Vrac, Executive Director

Also of interest: Past Presidents of the Academy

2017-2018 COUNCIL
James RundellPresident
James Rundell, MD, FACLP
Rebecca BrendelPresident-Elect
Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP
Michael SharpeVice President
Michael Sharpe, MD, FACLP
Maria Tiamson-KassabTreasurer
Maria Tiamson-Kassab, MD, FACLP
Philip Bialer
Philip Bialer, MD, FACLP

Immediate Past President:
Robert Boland, MD, FACLP (2016-2017 ACLP president)

Steven Epstein, MD, FACLP (2015-2016 ACLP president)

Madeleine Becker, MA, MD, FACLP
J. Michael Bostwick, MD, FACLP
Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP
Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP
Jeff Huffman, MD, FACLP
Robert Joseph, MD, MS, FACLP
Maryland Pao, MD, FACLP
Sandra Rackley, MD, FACLP
Christina Wichman, DO, FACLP

Ex officio members:

Chair, ACLP Foundation:
David Gitlin, MD, FACLP

Executive Director:
James Vrac, CAE