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May02 ACLP Name Change Video

A video celebrating the Academy’s name change was broadcast at the American Psychiatric Association’s New York Annual Meeting in early […] Read More

Our Journal: Psychosomatics

A New Measure of Health Numeracy: Brief Medical Numbers Test (BMNT)

Approximately half of Americans have inadequate health literacy, which leads to poorer health outcomes. Health numeracy is an important component of literacy, which reflects one's ability to understand and manipulate numbers. This is especially important for transplant candidates, as adherence to medical recommendations is essential for post-transplant care. Although validated measures of numeracy exist, they can be inconvenient and timely to administer. Read More

Tianeptine Abuse and Dependence: Case Report and Literature Review

Tianeptine (Stablon, Coaxil) abuse and dependence has become increasingly prominent worldwide with recent presence in the United States. However, no comprehensive review of cases has been conducted focusing on acute presentation to fatal intoxication and methods of management. In this article, we add a case to the growing literature on tianeptine dependence, the first of which is concerning for the presence of an adulterant, and present a comprehensive literature review. Read More

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The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry represents psychiatrists dedicated to the advancement of medical science, education and healthcare for persons with comorbid psychiatric and general medical conditions and provides national and international leadership in the furtherance of those goals.