CLP Advocacy Toolkit

The Academy has developed executive summaries and slide sets that provide evidence of the importance of including C-L Psychiatry physicians in the delivery of medical care in all settings. These materials are freely available to anyone to use in presentations.

The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry acknowledges the superb work of Mark Oldham, MD; H. Benjamin Lee, MD, FACLP; Lawson Wulsin, MD, FACLP; and Roger Kathol, MD, FACLP in the development of these materials.

Team-based Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Integrated Care Meets Inpatient C-L Psychiatry
Proactive C-L psychiatry is an interdisciplinary model of C-L psychiatry that incorporates systematic screening for mental health conditions and behavioral concerns, early clinical intervention, and real-time integration with primary teams or services. Its goals are to facilitate efficient care and improve outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

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Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health: A Business Opportunity for Employers

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