C-L Psychiatrists Speak on C-L Psychiatry

Seven junior C-L psychiatrists discuss the importance of fellowship training, talking about its importance in their career.

A C-L psychiatrist, Samual Greenstein, MD, discusses the importance of fellowship training. He shares his path of working as an attending for several years before joining fellowship training. See his article here.

At the “Meet and Greet” reception for residents and students attending the Academy’s 2016 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, many liaison psychiatrists talked about what the C-L subspecialty had meant for them. The talks were moving and heartfelt. We asked a few of the speakers to summarize their remarks on camera.

Christine Pelic, MD, Ralph H Johnson VAMC, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, describes every day as fascinating, interesting, and different, learning something new each day about medicine and psychiatry, and teaching both medical and psychiatric providers. (Nov 2016, 1:15 minutes)