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The Foundation of ACLP

Since 2009, the Foundation of ACLP has financially supported the Academy’s mission on several key fronts: developing leaders in the field, recognizing significant achievements, and advancing research efforts.

The Foundation relies on the generosity of ACLP members and others who share our vision to move Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry forward. Dues alone are no longer enough. With your support, the Academy can continue its vital work in providing leadership in a new age of health care defined by collaboration.

Your Donations in Action

By giving to the Foundation of ACLP, you play a pivotal role in:

How to Give

We’ve launched our annual campaign encouraging every member of the Academy to contribute to the Foundation. This widespread support sends a strong message about our collective commitment, enabling us to solicit larger grants from individuals and institutions.

Over 200 Academy members, representing about 20% of the membership, have made contributions totaling over $200,000. But we still need your help.

Giving to the Foundation is easy:

Foundation Board of Directors

Chair: Madeleine Becker, MD, FACLP
Secretary/Treasurer: Joel Wallack, MD, FACLP
Director: Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FACLP

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