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Committee and subcommittee members are listed below, where numbers in parentheses following member names indicate current term and expiration; absence of this data indicates that, per bylaws, terms do not apply.

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Note: All ACLP committees report to the ACLP Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting (Standing Committee)

Audit (Standing Committee)

Education (Standing Committee)

Finance (Standing Committee)

Governance (Standing Committee)

Membership (Standing Committee)

Nominating (Standing Committee)

Research & Evidence-Based Practice (Standing Committee)

Task Forces

Committee and Subcommittee Members 2022-2023

Numbers in parentheses following names indicate current term and expiration; absence of this data indicates that, per bylaws, terms do not apply.

Contact information is available from the online member directory.

Chair rotations occur after the annual meeting in November. Member terms begin and end on October 31.

Sejal Shah, MD, FACLPSejal Shah, MD, FACLP      
Chair (1/2023)
Amy Bauer, MD, FACLPAmy Bauer, MD, FACLP
Vice Chair (1/2024)
The Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for all aspects of the annual meeting: program, courses, development and support, meeting site recommendations, and budget. The Annual Meeting Committee consists of the chairs of subcommittees serving terms concurrent with subcommittee service.

Marian Fireman, MD, FACLP
Anne Gross, MD, FACLP
Emily Holmes, MD
Inder Kalra, MD
Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP
Sandy Rackley, MD, FACLP


Inder Kalra, MD, Chair (2/2024)
Stephanie Cho, MD, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Zehra Aftab, MD (1/2023)
Ethan Beckley, MD, PhD (1/2024)
Andres Caro Sabogal, MD (2/2024)
Earl Andrew De Guzman, MD (1/2023)
Eric Devon, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Jennifer McMahon, MD (1/2025)
Diana Punko, MD (1/2024)
Meghan Schott, DO (1/2023)
Samidha Tripathi, MD (2/2024)
Stephanie Tung, MD (1/2024)
Samantha Zwiebel, MD, MA (1/2025)


Emily Holmes, MD, Chair (2/2024)
Jack Owens, MD, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Caitlin Adams, MD (1/2025)
Hermioni Amonoo, MD (1/2024)
Wendy Baer, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
R. Garrett Key, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Dahlia Saad Pendergrass, MD, FACLP (1/2024)

NETWORKING Subcommittee

Sandy Rackley, MD, FACLP, Chair (1/2025)
Paulo Sales, MD, Vice Chair (1/2025)

Katherine Crist, MD (1/2023)
Diego Garces, MD (1/2023)
Emily Holmes, MD (1/2023)
Valerie Houseknecht, MD (1/2024)
Inder Kalra, MD (1/2024)
Cristina Montalvo, MD (1/2025)
Tiwalola Osunfisan, MD (1/2025)
Christine Skotzko, MD, FACLP (1/2025)


Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP, Chair (2/2024)

Omair Abbasi, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Amritha Bhat, MD (2/2024)
Katherine Blackwell, MD (2/2023)
Michael Bushey, MD, PhD (2/2025)
Andres Caro Sabogal, MD (1/2024)
Joseph Cerimele, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Alan Hsu, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Shixie Jiang, MD (2/2025)
Alvaro La Rosa, MD (1/2025)
Vanessa Lauzon, MD (1/2025)
Avram Mack, MD (1/2025)
Michael Marcangelo, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Flannery Merideth, MD (1/2025)
VaKara Meyer Karre, MD (1/2024)
Sahil Munjal, MD (2/2024)
Nona Nichols, MD (1/2025)
Aum Pathare, MD (1/2023)
Joan Roig Llesuy, MD (2/2024)
Kamalika Roy, MD (2/2024)
Deepika Sundararaj, MD (1/2023)
Christian Umfrid, MD (1/2024)
Jo Ellen Wilson, MD (2/2024)
Timothy Wong, DO (1/2025)


Marian Fireman, MD, FACLP, Chair (2/2025)
Durga Roy, MD, FACLP, Vice Chair (2/2024)

Sarah Andrews, MD (1/2023)
Brant Hager, MD (1/2025)
Veronika Hanko, MD (1/2025)
Sneha Jadhav, MD (1/2024)
Sofia Matta, MD (1/2024)
Hindi Mermelstein, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Yelizaveta Sher, MD, ACLP (1/2025)
Meredith Spada, MD (1/2025)
Robert Lloyd, MD, PhD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Anne Gross, MD, FACLP, Chair (2/2023)
Natalie Jacobowski, MD, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Khyati Brahmbhatt, MD (2/2024)
Kristina Chechotka, MD (2/2025)
Margaret Cinderella, MD (1/2025)
Mary Lynn Dell, DMin, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Roslyn Gerwin, DO (2/2023)
Vrashali Jain, MD (2/2023)
Richard Key, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Walter Kilpatrick, DO (1/2025)
Hindi Mermelstein, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Davin Quinn, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Diana Robinson, MD (2/2023)
Kamalika Roy, MD (1/2024)
Lisa Seyfried, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Mehak Sharma, MD (2/2024)
John Taylor, MD, FACLP (2/2023)

AUDIT COMMITTEE (Standing Committee)
Amy Bauer, MD, FACLPAmy Bauer, MD, FACLP
The Audit Committee participates in the appointment of an auditor to perform the annual financial audit of the Academy, reviews the audit, and directs it to the Board of Directors for approval.

Ann Schwartz, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Philip Bialer, MD, FACLP (1/2023)

Ann SchwartzAnn Schwartz, MD, FACLP
The Education Committee is responsible for promoting and overseeing the educational activities of the Academy.

Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP
Mark Bradley, MD, FACLP
Florina Haimovici, MD
Larkin Kao, MD
Sahil Munjal, MD
Thomas Soeprono, MD
Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Mark Bradley, MD, FACLP, Chair (3/2023)
Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP, Vice Chair (2/2023)

Morgan Faeder, MD, PhD (1/2023)
Brant Hager, MD (1/2025)
Samantha Latorre, MD (1/2025)
Damien Miran, MD (1/2025)
Marlene Pierantoni, MD (1/2023)
Katiuska Ramirez, MD (1/2025)
Xiomara Rocha-Cadman, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Durga Roy, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Andrew Siegel, MD (1/2024)
Adrienne Taylor, MD (1/2024)
Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Cristina Montalvo, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Sejal Shah, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP, Chair (2/2024)
Molly Howland, MD, Vice Chair (1/2025)

Arslaan Arshed, MD (1/2023)
Marissa Beal, (1/2023)
Maureen Cassady, MD (1/2025)
Cheryl Hurd, MD (1/2024)
Natalie Jacobowski, MD (2/2025)
Hema Kher, MD (1/2024)
Adreinne Mishkin, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Sandra Rackley, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Rachna Raisinghani, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Judith Restrepo, MD (1/2023)
Monique Ribeiro, MD (2/2025)
Michael Strong, MD, MEd (1/2025)
Rima Styra, MD (2/2024)
Steven Frankel, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
Liliya Gershengoren, MD, Consultant (1/2023)


Florina Haimovici, MD, Chair (2/2023)

Patrick Aquino, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Brandon Hamm, MD (1/2023)
Gabriel Heiber, MD (1/2025)
Fremonta Meyer, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Christine Pelic, MD (2/2025)
Badr Ratnakaran, MD (1/2024)
Suhail Sheikh, MD (1/2024)


Larkin Kao, MD, Chair (2/2024)
Jeffrey Zabinski, MD, Vice Chair (2/2024)

Omair Abbasi, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Andrew Alkis, MD (1/2024)
Taline Aydinian, DO (1/2023)
Ewa Bieber, MD (1/2024)
Archana Brojmohun, MD (1/2025)
Kelly Cozza, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Fiona Fonseca, MBBCh (1/2023)
Jai Gandhi, MD (1/2023)
Pochu Ho, MD (2/2023)
Alan Hsu, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Jon Levenson, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Amy Rosinski, MD (2/2023)
Jonathan Smith, MD (1/2023)
Samidha Tripathi, MD (1/2025)
Samantha Zwiebel, MD (1/2024)
Matthew Gunther, MD, MA (1/2025)
Todd Stollenwerk, (1/2023)
Anna Visser, (1/2025)
David Kasick, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Sahil Munjal, MD, Chair (2/2024)
Dustin DeMoss, DO, FACLP, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Zehra Aftab, MD (1/2023)
Deepti Chopra, MBBS (2/2023)
Aniruddha Deka, MD (1/2025)
Eric Jarmon, DO, FACLP (1/2025)
Felipe Leon, MD (1/2024)
Ana Navarro-Montoya, MD (1/2023)
Mark Oldham, MD (2/2023)
Amit Pradhan, MD (1/2025)
Julian Raffoul, MD (1/2024)
Paulo Marcelo Sales, MD (1/2024)
Deborah Sanchez, MD (2/2024)
Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD, FACLP (2/2024)


Thomas Soeprono, MD, Chair (2/2023)
David Fipps, MD, Vice Chair (1/2023)

Anita Chang, DO (1/2024)
Kaleena Chilcote, MD (1/2023)
Amelia Dubovsky, MD (1/2025)
Steven Fischel, MD, PhD, FACLP (2/2023)
Ariadna Forray, MD (2/2023)
Jai Gandhi, MD (1/2025)
Samuel Greenstein, MD (2/2024)
William Haren, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Tony Issac, MD (1/2024)
Lindsey Lebin, MD (1/2025)
Amanda Mihalik-Wenger, MD (1/2025)
Aum Pathare, MD (1/2023)
Julia Ruark, MD (1/2025)
James Rustad, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Sarah Slocum, MD (2/2024)
Mira Zein, MD (1/2024)
Timothy Wong, DO (1/2023)
Scott Beach, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
Mallika Lavakumar, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


FINANCE COMMITTEE (Standing Committee)
Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLPPaul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP
Chair (1/2023)
Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLPThomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP
Vice Chair (1/2024)
Along with the treasurer, the Finance Committee oversees preparation of an annual budget, investment of Academy funds, procedures for receiving and disbursing funds, methods of accounting and bookkeeping, and preparation of fiscal reports. The committee may recommend financial actions (e.g., change in dues) to the Board of Directors.

Harold Bronheim, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Catherine Crone, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
David Diaz, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Carlos Fernandez-Robles, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
Victor Torres-Collazo, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLPThomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP

The Governance Committee monitors the functioning of the Academy to ensure that it is in conformity with the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws. Where necessary, it recommends additions, deletions, or changes in these documents.

The committee defines and monitors ethical standards of presenters and presentations at, and of unrestricted grant funding for, the annual meeting. It investigates allegations of unethical conduct brought against any member of the Academy and makes recommendations for any change in membership status or censorship of a member to the Board of Directors. Periodically it reviews the procedures it is to follow in investigating and hearing cases of alleged misconduct.

Jacob Appel, MD, JD, MPH (1/2025)
James Bourgeois, OD, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Elizabeth Davis, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Hindi Mermelstein, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Patrick Triplett, MD (2/2025)
Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)

BYLAWS Subcommittee

Patrick Triplett, MD, Chair (2/2023)
Sonia Riyaz, MD, Vice Chair (2/2023)

Sarah Andrews, MD (2/2025)
Dimitry Davydow, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Jennifer Erickson, DO (2/2025)
Arun Gopal, MD (2/2025)


Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP, Chair (2/2024)
Jacob Appel, MD, JD, MPH, Vice Chair (1/2024)

Mark Ard, MD (1/2023)
Brandon Hamm, MD (2/2025)
David Kroll, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Shannon Mazur, DO (1/2023)
Rojan Varghese, MD (1/2024)
Hindi Mermelstein, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023

Terry RabinowitzTerry Rabinowitz, MD, DDS, FACLP
The Membership Committee reviews the credentials of applicants and nominees for all classes of membership in the Academy, and makes recommendations for approval or disapproval to the Board of Directors. It periodically reviews and, as necessary, modifies the criteria for membership in the Academy. It reviews applications for fellowship in the Academy annually, determines whether applicants meet established criteria, and recommends applicants for fellowship to the Board of Directors. In consultation with the Board and the membership, it annually selects members for Academy awards.

Marian Fireman, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Priya Gopalan, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Pochu Ho, MD (2/2025)
Ashish Sharma, MD (2/2025)
Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP, ex officio (1/2023)


Patrick Aquino, MD, FACLP, Chair (2/2025)

Mary Jo Fitz-Gerald, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Thomas Kuich, MD (1/2024)
Sohail Mohammad, MD (2/2025)
Leo Pozuelo, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
James Kimball, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
DeviNalini Misir, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Victor Torres-Collazo, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Leena Mittal MD, FACLP, Chair (1/2024)
Abhisek Khandai, MD, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Hermioni Amonoo, MD (1/2024)
Tsung Wai Aw, MD (1/2024)
Sharon Batista, MD (1/2024)
Carrie Ernst, MD (1/2023)
Carlos Fernandez Robles, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Ariadna Forray, MD (1/2025)
Anique Forrester, MD (1/2023)
Andrew Halls, MD (1/2023)
Mary-Anne Hennen, MD (1/2025)
Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Manon Mashburn, MD (1/2025)
Alainia Morgan-James, MD (2/2025)
Jack Owens, MD (1/2025)
E. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, MD (1/2025)
Laura Suarez Pardo, MD (2/2025)


Kamalika Roy, MD, Chair (2/2023)

Scott Beach, MD, FACLP
Lew Cohen, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Andrea DeSimone, MD (1/2023)
Eva Ihle, MD, PhD, FACLP (1/2023)
Jack Owens, MD (2/2025)
Eliza Park, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Divy Ravindranath, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Maria Rueda-Lara, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
J. Jewel Shim, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Patrick Triplett, MD (2/2023)
Rubi Vaughn, MD (1/2023)
Priya Gopalan, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)

MENTORSHIP Subcommittee

Carrie Ernst, MD, Chair (1/2024)
Scott Beach, MD, FACLP, Vice Chair (1/2024)

Jacob Appel, MD (1/2025)
David Fipps, DO (1/2025)
Janna Gordon-Elliot, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Inder Kalra, MD (2/2025)
David Kasick, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Nicholas Kontos, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Sheila Lahijani, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Jeong Hoo (Eric) Lee, MD (1/2025)
Sara Nash, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP (1/2023)

Philip Bialer, MD, FACLPPhilip Bialer, MD, FACLP
The Nominating Committee evaluates the suitability and qualifications of candidates for election to various ACLP roles, such as the Board of Directors, and APA’s ACROSS.

Madeleine Becker, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Cathy Crone, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Mary Jo Fitz-Gerald, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Eliza Park, MD, FACLP (1/2025)
Divy Ravindranath, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Tom Wise, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Maria Tiamson-Kassab, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)

Christopher CelanoChristopher Celano, MD, FACLP
Amy Bauer, MD, FACLPAmy Bauer, MD, FACLP
Vice Chair
The Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee endeavors to stimulate and support research and teaching in C-L psychiatry by whatever means it deems appropriate.

It is responsible for developing position statements or action plans relevant to external standards and accreditation organizations, federal legislation and regulatory efforts, and other professional organizations (e.g., APA, APA, ACP, etc.); and/or responsible for reviewing existing policy statements of other organizations. It leads and develops clinical practice guidelines, summaries of published evidence for aspects of C-L Psychiatry practice, and other materials conducive to the clinical practice of C-L Psychiatry, as guided and approved by the Board of Directors.

Erica Baller, MD (1/2025)
Joe Bienvenu, MD, PhD (2/2025)
James Bourgeois, OD, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Brenna Emery, MD (1/2023)
Rohan Ganguli, MD (2/2025)
Thomas McCoy, MD (2/2025)
Eliza Park, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Maria Prom, MD (1/2025)
Scott Simpson, MD (1/2025)
Jeffrey Staab, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Daniel Shalev, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Jane Walker, MBChB, PhD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)


Scott Simpson, MD, FACLP Chair (2/2023)
Sarah Andrews, MD, Vice Chair (2/2025)

Joe Bienvenu, MD, PhD (2/2024)
Christian Bjerre Real, MD (1/2025)
Mary Burke, MD (1/2023)
Jeylan Close, MD (1/2023)
Natalie Fedotova, MD, PhD (1/2024)
Brandon Francis, MD (1/2023)
Jai Gandhi, MD (1/2023)
Liliya Gershengoren, MD (1/2023)
Zachary Harvanek, MD, PhD (1/2023)
Sneha Jadhav, MD (1/2024)
Richard Key, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Walter Luchsinger, MD (2/2023)
Daniel McFarland, DO (1/2024)
Sohail Mohammad, MD (2/2025)
Sahil Munjal, MD (2/2024)
Ashwini Nadkarni, MD (1/2024)
Shehzad Niazi, MD, FACLP (2/2025)
Aum Pathare, MD (2/2023)
Luis Pereira, MD (1/2023)
Nathan Praschan, MD (1/2024)
Jyoti Sachdeva, MD (1/2024)
Marie Tobin, MD, FACLP (1/2023)
Christian Umfrid, MD (1/2024)
Swapna Vaidya, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Jeffrey Zabinski, MD (1/2024)
Deepti Chopra, MD, MPH, Consultant (1/2023)
Alissa Hutto, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Samuel Kohrman, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Gregory Nikogosyan, DO, Consultant (1/2023)
Elizabeth Prince, DO, Consultant (1/2023)
Julian Raffoul, MD, PhD, Consultant (1/2023)
Jon Sole, MD, MSc, Consultant (1/2023)

RESEARCH Subcommittee

Jeffrey Staab, MD, FACLP, Vice Chair (2/2023)
Maria Prom, MD Vice Chair (2/2025)

Hermioni Amonoo, MD (1/2024)
Erica Baller, MD (2/2025)
Michael Bushey, MD, PhD (2/2025)
Chadi Calarge, MD (2/2024)
Andrew Drysdale, MD (1/2025)
Hassaan Gomaa, MD (1/2024)
Sneha Jadhav, MD (2/2024)
Shixie Jiang, MD (2/2025)
Hochang Lee, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
Stanley Lyndon, MD (2/2024)
Elizabeth Madva, MD (1/2023)
Zev Nakamura, MD (1/2023)
Eliza Park, MD, FACLP (2/2023)
George Sayde, MD, PhD (1/2023)
Peter Shapiro, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Michael Sharpe, MD, FACLP (1/2024)
Kathleen Sheehan, MD (2/2023)
Ramaswamy Viswanathan, MD, FACLP (2/2024)
Jo Ellen Wilson, MD (2/2023)
Mark Bradley, MD, FACLP, Consultant (1/2023)
John de Figueiredo, MD, ScD, Consultant (1/2023)
Kelly Irwin, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Rebekah Nash, MD, PhD, Consultant (1/2023)
Shauna Reinblatt, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Durga Roy, MD, Consultant (1/2023)
Nicole Shirvani, MD, Consultant (1/2023)