Want to Rejoin the Academy?

Did your Academy membership lapse? Please visit this page of our membership database to rejoin/renew: If you don’t have your membership credentials, use the forgot password feature to recover or reset. You’ll be prompted to check over your profile on the way to the payment page. If you’ve only recently lapsed membership, joining will usually continue your membership without break. If you run into difficulties with the rejoining process, please contact Autumn in our Membership Services Department at and provide notes on issues you encountered that prevented you from rejoining. Remember, the Academy does not pro-rate dues, so matter when you rejoin you will be asked to pay the full annual dues current at the time.

Why Join the Academy

The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry welcomes new members from every country, from medical students to seasoned professionals in the field of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. We encourage new members to become involved in the organization by attending the annual meeting in November and volunteering for committee activity, becoming the future leaders of the Academy.

The Academy is the professional home for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists
Academy members explain why they joined the Academy, how they and other Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists identify with the Academy as their natural professional home, and how Academy membership has contributed to their sense of community in C-L Psychiatry.

The Academy for professional development of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists
Members talk about why they consider the Academy the leader in providing ongoing professional development for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists and the value they gain from Academy membership.

For information about the benefits of membership in the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, please see Membership Advantages.

How to Join ACLP

Complete the online application form here:

Medical Students/Residents: You must confirm you qualify for this membership category by uploading during the application process a statement on your institution’s letterhead confirming your student/training status and your expected matriculation/training completion date. Medical Students: ask your medical school registrar, or student interest group faculty advisor, or advising dean to verify your student status. You will not be able complete the application process without uploading this letter and the process will not retain an incomplete membership application. If you abandon the application process because you don’t have the letter to upload, you must start over if you return to try again later.

ACLP’s membership year follows the calendar year (January–December); ACLP does not pro-rate dues.

Membership Categories

Application may be made in one of four membership categories:

Postgraduate Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry fellows: please do not apply for Academy membership online. Instead, ask your fellowship program director to notify the ACLP Executive Office of your current status and eligibility for membership.

Payment and Effective Dates

Payment may be made by check (in U.S. funds) or by credit card.

If you apply to join ACLP in the last six months of the calendar year (after June 30), your membership will be effective to December 31 of the following year. Membership applications processed prior to July 1 are considered effective for the current membership year; no partial refunds or credits are available for the unused portion of the membership year.