Eleanor and Thomas P. Hackett Memorial Award

How to Nominate

The Eleanor and Thomas P. Hackett Memorial Award is the Academy’s highest honor. It is presented to a member who has demonstrated distinctive achievements in CLP training, research, clinical practice, and leadership.

old photo of Thomas P. HackettDr. Hackett, from MGH Psychiatry History

The award was established in 1988 to honor Thomas P. Hackett, Jr., MD, FACLP, professor and chief of the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital 1974-1988 and president of ACLP 1987-88. Dr. Hackett was a long-time leader in the field of C-L psychiatry. He died of a heart attack at age 59, two months after he took office as president of ACLP. The first Hackett award was presented in 1989 to Edwin H. Cassem, MD, FACLP, who also succeeded Dr. Hackett as chief of psychiatry at MGH, 1989-2000.

In 2009 the award was renamed to include Dr. Hackett’s wife, Eleanor, who passed away of leukemia in April 2009. “Ellie” had presented the award at the annual meeting almost every year since its inception. She received ACLP’s Special Recognition Award in 2003.

President Jim Rundell (left) presented the 2018 Hackett Award to José Maldonado, MD, FACLP (center). Dr. Maldonado was introduced by Dr. Theodore Stern (right).
Ellie Hackett in 2008 with 1989 and 2008 award winners
Eleanor Hackett at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Miami with the recipients of the last and first award she presented: to Theodore Stern (2008) and Edwin “Ned” Cassem (1989). Mrs. Hackett passed away the following April.

2018 José Maldonado, MD, FACLP
2017 Gregory Fricchione, MD, FACLP
2016 Donald Rosenstein, MD, FACLP
2015 Mary Ann Cohen, MD, FACLP
2014 Lewis M. Cohen, MD, FACLP
2013 James L. Levenson, MD, FACLP
2012 James R. Rundell, MD, FACLP
2011 William S. Breitbart, MD, FACLP
2010 Donna E. Stewart, MD, FACLP
2009 Francis Creed, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych
2008 Theodore A. Stern, MD, FACLP
2007 Frederik J. Huyse, MD, PhD, FACLP
2006 Russell Noyes, Jr., MD, FACLP
2005 Richard Mayou, MD
2004 Joel E. Dimsdale, MD
2003 Wayne J. Katon, MD, FACLP
2002 James J. Strain, MD, FACLP
2001 Michael K. Popkin, MD, FACLP
2000 Don R. Lipsitt, MD
1999 Thomas N. Wise, MD, FACLP
1998 James S. Eaton, Jr., MD, FACLP
1997 Alan Stoudemire , MD , FACLP
1996 George B. Murray, MD, FACLP
1995 Donald S. Kornfeld, MD, FACLP
1994 Jimmie C. Holland , MD, FACLP
1993 Norman B. Levy, MD, FACLP
1992 Avery D. Weisman, MD
1991 Zbigniew J. Lipowski, MD
1990 W. Alwyn Lishman, MD, DSc
1989 Edwin H. Cassem, MD, FACLP


How to Nominate for the Hackett Award

To nominate a member for the Hackett Award, please e-mail the name of your nominee, your letter of recommendation detailing the reasons for your nomination, and your candidate’s current CV directly to the Chair of the Fellowship & Awards Subcommittee by April 9.