William Webb Fellowship Program

How to Apply

Webb Fellowship

The Webb Fellowship Program is designed to support a select number of outstanding advanced residents and fellows in C-L psychiatry at an early stage in their career.

William Logan Webb, Jr., MD
Dr. Webb, from Psychosomatics obituary

The program is named for William Logan Webb, Jr., MD, FACLP, president of the Academy 1986-87. Dr. Webb had an impressive career in C-L psychiatry and was among the early strong advocates of its subspecialty designation. He was involved in the study of pain, became an international authority in psychiatric ethics, was a highly respected teacher, and participated in symposia concerning coping mechanisms in sick physicians. When terminally ill in New York City, he eagerly became an interviewee for medical students. In 1991, Dr. Webb was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal of the American College of Psychiatrists.

Dr. Webb passed away in December 1992 at age 62. For more information about his career and impact on ACLP, please see Dr. Webb’s obituary [PDF] in the May 1993 issue of Psychosomatics, authored by M.J. Martin, MD, FACLP, president of the Academy 1973-74.

Purpose of the Webb Fellowship Program

The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry created the William Webb Fellowship Program to foster the career development and leadership potential of advanced psychiatry residents and C-L Psychiatry fellows who plan to engage in an academic career in C-L psychiatry. This will be accomplished through several aspects of the Webb Fellowship Program:

  1. Scholarly work. Each fellow will undertake a scholarly project as a Webb fellow and will present the findings of their project at the ACLP annual meeting.
  2. Each Fellow will be assigned a mentor from the ACLP. This mentor will provide guidance on the Fellow’s scholarly project and will provide mentorship related to C-L psychiatry and the ACLP.
  3. Networking and professional identity. Each Fellow will be provided with opportunities to network with other members of the ACLP and will experience collegial interactions via ACLP and through exclusive Webb Fellowship educational experiences.
  4. ACLP engagement. Each Fellow will serve on at least one ACLP committee or subcommittee for one year and will engage in a variety of activities at the annual meeting, as described below (see Annual Meeting Attendance).

As leading academic C-L psychiatrists of the future, Webb Fellows will be especially well positioned to play key roles in generating and disseminating evidence in C-L psychiatry, including educating non-psychiatric physicians who treat patients with psychiatric disorders. 

Applications for the Webb Fellowship Program will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Plans and goals for making use of the opportunities afforded by the Webb Fellowship
  2. Potential impact of the program on the applicant’s career development
  3. Proposed academic project (e.g., research study, review article, quality improvement project)
  4. Demonstrated engagement in ACLP
  5. Demonstrated academic/scholarly work and leadership in C-L psychiatry

There are several additional requirements for Webb Fellowship applications:

  1. Applicants must be PGY-4 (or greater) residents, fellows in C-L psychiatry or a related subspecialty (e.g., child psychiatry), or first-year attendings who have completed a fellowship in C-L psychiatry or a related subspecialty or who have completed dual residency (e.g., internal medicine and psychiatry, pediatrics and psychiatry) at the time they receive the award (not the time of their application). Exceptions to this requirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Applicants must be active members of ACLP.
  3. Applicants must have attended at least one ACLP annual meeting in the past.

Fellows will be expected to attend the annual meeting of the ACLP at the beginning and at the end of their year as a Webb Fellow. They will participate in a variety of activities, including:

Financial Support

2023-24 Aniruddha Deka MD
Joseph Dragonetti MD
Laura Duque MD
Matthew Gunther MD, MA
Jin Hong Park MD, MS
Bernice Yau MD
Marissa Beal, DO
Fiona Fonseca, MBBChBAO, MD, MS
Diego Garces Grosse, MD
Zachary Mathias Harvanek, MD, PhD
George Sayde, MD, MPH
Timothy Wong, DO
2021-22 Andrew Drysdale, MD
Amanda Mihalik-Wenger, MD
Charles Masaki, MD, PhD
Molly Howland, MD
Artin Mahdanian, MD
Christian Bjerre Real, MD
2020-21 Shixie Jiang, MD
Gustavo Medeiros, MD
Maria Prom, MD
Jordan Rosen, MD
Adrienne Taylor, MD
Samantha Zweibel, MA, MD
2019-20 David Fipps, DO
Elizabeth Madva, MD
Shannon Mazur, DO, MA
Laura Suarez Pardo, MD
Christian Umfrid, MD
Jeffrey Zabinski, MD, MSSA, MA
2018-19 Erica Baller, MD, MS
Juliet Edgcomb, MD PhD
Brandon Hamm, MD, MS
Rebekah Nash, MD, PhD
Luis Pereira, MD, MS
Daniel Shalev, MD
2017-18 Hermioni Lokko, MD, MPP
Michael Maksimowski, MD
Cristina Montalvo, MD, MBS
Zev Nakamura, MD
Diana Robinson, MD
Joan Roig Llesuy, MD
2016-17 Katherine Blackwell, MD
Mario Caro, MD
Deanna Chaukos, MD
Jennifer Erickson, DO
Neeta Shenai, MD
Nathaniel Sowa, MD
2015-16 Amritha Bhat, MD
Julia Knight, MD
Thomas McCoy, MD
Andrew Siegel, MD
2014-15 Marra Ackerman, MD
Elie Isenberg-Grzeda, MD, FRCPC
David Kroll, MD
Kathleen Sheehan, MD, PhD
2013-14 Joseph Cerimele, MD
Jennifer Gatchel, MD
Jennifer Kruse, MD
Eric Meyer, MD
2012-13 Shane M. Coleman, MD
Anna L. Dickerman, MD
Sheryl B. Fleisch, MD
Yelizaveta Sher, MD
2011-12 Joan A. Camprodon, MD
Christopher Celano, MD
Eliza (Leeza) M. Park, MD
Felicia K. Wong, MD
2010-11 Scott R. Beach, MD
Lex Denysenko, MD
Laura Kent, MD
Marlynn H. Wei, MD, JD
2009-10 Anne Gross, MD
Jennifer M. Knight, MD
Robert L. Oldham, MD
Kristen J. Somers, MD
2008-09 Christopher Kogut, MD, MSW
Gen Shinozaki, MD
Adrienne Tan, MD, FRCP(C)
Joseph Rasimas, MD, PhD
2007-08 Lucy Epstein, MD
James F. Hammel, MD, MA, MSc (Oxon)
Glendon R Tait, MD, MSc
Christopher White, MD, JD, FCLM
Anna Yusim, MD.
2006-07 Mark V. Bradley, MD
Jason P. Caplan, MD
Stephen E. Nicolson, MD
Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD
2005-06 Ilana M. Braun, MD
Muhamad Aly Rifai, MD
2004-05 Felicia A. Smith, MD
David A. Straker, DO
2003-04 David B. Bekelman, MD, MPH
Rebecca W. Brendel, MD, JD
2002-03 Cynthia M. A. Geppert, MD, PhD
Jeff C. Huffman, MD
2001-02 Donna T. Chen, MD, MPH
Scott C. Matthews, MD
Olivia I. Okereke, MD
Ajay D. Wasan, MD
2000-01 Andrew J. Elliott, MD
David A. Fedoronko, MD
Catherine Lager, MD
Richard W. Malis, MD
1999-2000 C. Michael Collins, MD, PhD
Bezalel Dantz, MD
Oliver Freudenreich, MD
Karl J. Looper, MD
1998-99 Lydia Chwastiak, MD
Paul Ciechanowski, MD
Linda Mah, MD
Ati Yates, MD
1997-98 June Cai, MD
Melissa Frumin, MD
Michael S. Jaffee, MD
Judith S. Kastenberg, MD
Ruta M. Nonacs, MD, PhD
1996-97 David B. Arciniegas, MD
Caroline P. Carney-Doebbeling, MD
L. Lee Tynes, MD, PhD
Bernard Vaccaro, MD
1995-96 Terry B. Chisholm, MD
Megan M. Dwight, MD
Isabel T. Lagomasino, MD
Jürgen Unützer, MD
1994-95 Dara A. Charney, MD
Donald L. Rosenstein, MD
Kurt D. Ackerman, MD, PhD
Jesse R. Fann, MD, MPH
Daniel C. Mierlak, MD, PhD

How to Apply for the Webb Fellowship Program

The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry welcomes your application to the William Webb Fellowship Program. To be considered, you must:

  • Be an advanced psychiatry resident (PGY-3 and later) or C-L Psychiatry fellow. Psychiatrists who have recently (within one year) completed fellowship training in C-L Psychiatry may also apply.
  • Complete the online form here: William Webb Fellowship Application, which includes questions of your major areas of interest, your plans and goals, how the fellowship will enhance your career development, what support your home institution will provide, and the name of your proposed institution mentor. You must attach your CV.

Annual deadline for application is July 1.

Multiple candidates from the same institution can apply, however, only one may be selected per institution.