APA Presidency Candidates Petitioned

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APA Presidency Candidates Petitioned on Issues Affecting APM Members

The Academy has written to all three nominated candidates for the post of president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2019, seeking their views on six key C-L psychiatry issues.

The candidates are Glenn Martin, MD, Bruce Schwartz, MD, and Stephen Strakowski, MD.

Glenn Martin
Glenn Martin, MD
Bruce Schwartz
Bruce Schwartz, MD
Stephen Strakowski
Stephen Strakowski, MD

The questions and their responses are intended to help us be as fully informed as possible about the candidates’ views on these matters as we make our choice in the election.

Candidates were asked to respond by December 22 to enable APM members to reflect on their choice before the voting deadline of January 31. Results are expected to be declared mid-February.

Read the questions and the candidates’ responses.

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