APM 2017 Recordings Now Online

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APM 2017 Recordings Now Online

“You will be impressed by the vigor and excitement of our field”

Our latest ACLP Annual Meeting, in November 2017, in Palm Springs, California, was our first annual meeting to be recorded in full.

These recordings are now available to anyone who registered for the meeting. If you attended the meeting, you may have had difficulty choosing from among the many concurrent sessions, but now you can catch up on all the material you missed.

If you did not register for the meeting, you can buy access to the recordings of the Annual Meeting, including the preconference all-day Updates course and the half-day skills courses, for just $200.

Accessing the Recordings

Visit the 2017 meeting site at www.eventscribe.com/2017/APM/. Click “Login” in the top right corner if you had registered for the meeting or have already purchased access. Use the access code that was provided to you to access the site and app. If you’ve forgotten your code, click “Forgot Access Key?” to get an email with your code.

Add to cart, 2017 recordings

If you need to purchase the recordings, click “Purchase Content Access” in the left navigation panel (or if you don’t see the panel, click the “hamburger” at the upper left of the screen for the Purchase link), add to your cart, and complete the payment process.

Select a Session

Select a session starting with one of the session options in the left navigation panel (or the “hamburger”). View sessions by date, by title, by speaker, by track, and so forth. For most sessions, an audio track is synchronized to the slides. For some of the plenary events, there is video of the speaker. Available recordings and slides are indicated by icons displayed for a session—video, audio, slides—and a star to mark a personal favorite.

Icons indicating recordings available for a session

View, Listen, or Read

Click anywhere in a session’s description area to pop up the session’s details. Use the buttons at the bottom of the detail screen to open a recording or other additional material.

Active buttons on a session's detail screen

All of 62 General Sessions are available. For example, from the first concurrent set, on the Thursday morning, you can learn about:

Other recorded General Sessions include GS46, Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED): Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Dilemmas, with Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP, DFAPA; Linda Ganzini, MD, FACLP; and Michael Bostwick, MD, FACLP; and sessions GS07, 18, 26, 29, and 39 (available only in slide form).

Among 38 Oral Presentations, the Webb Fellow presentation, SMART-R: A Physician Resilience Training Program for Residents by Residents, with Deanna Chaukos, MD, is particularly topical, given the increasing interest in physician resilience and burnout.

You can also watch seven clinical dilemmas, expertly discussed in the Presidential Symposia I and II, a debate about three challenging clinical cases, the Research for Researchers symposium, and the Hackett Memorial Award Lecture, with Gregory Fricchione, MD, FACLP, or the Lipsitt Award Lecture, with Nancy Byatt, DO, MBA, FACLP.

If you registered for the meeting, you can also access a full day of Updates in Psychosomatic Medicine, covering dementia, agitation, bedside neuropsychiatric testing, sleep medicine, opiate addiction, eating disorders, infectious disease, delirium, decisional capacity, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain, and palliative care.

You can also access the eight Skills Courses, covering transplant psychiatry, research techniques, perinatal psychiatry, sleep medicine, integrated care, and bedside techniques in breath-training, mindfulness, and hypnosis. The course in neuropsychiatry covers TBI, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, Tourette syndrome, Huntington’s disease, and psychiatric consequences of epilepsy. (Skills Course 05 on bedside neuropsychiatric testing is available only in slide form.)

If you are an educator, you will find many sessions that you can use in your teaching. You can stop the presentation for discussion, and you can select the sections most informative for your audience.

Organizers Mary Jo Fitz-Gerald, MD, FACLP, Online Education Subcommittee, and Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP, Education Committee, say: “This is the largest selection of lively, up-to-the-minute, expert content in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry available anywhere! You will be impressed once again by the vigor and excitement of our field. Don’t miss it.”

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