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Survey Aims for Standardized Content Across All SIG Webpages

Journal club and Twitter feed featured on one SIG site

SIGs have been sent a survey aimed at creating guidelines for SIG webpage content and standardizing basic elements common to all SIGs on the ACLP website.

Meanwhile, several SIGs have been enhancing their webpage content. The most recent include the Emergency Psychiatry SIG who have launched a journal club featured on their webpage.

Each month the journal club meets virtually for 30 minutes to discuss recent research papers relevant to emergency department psychiatrists. Recently they discussed a PubMed paper Improving Transfer of Care Between Psychiatrists and Residents: Participants’ Perspective on the Implementation of a Handover Protocol in a Psychiatric Emergency aimed at improving the handover of information from one professional to another during transitions of care.

Also featured on their webpage is a link to a new Twitter feed set up exclusively for their membership.

“The Emergency Psychiatry SIG is among the largest and most prominent organizations of physicians focused on emergency psychiatric practice,” says co-chair Scott Simpson, MD, MPH. “We want to make it as easy as possible for members to be engaged with the SIG and with ACLP, whether those members want to remain casually informed or take a more active role in leadership. Regular journal clubs and social media are just two ways that we’re growing a broadly inclusive and energetic SIG that brings value to not only our members but also our patients and specialty.”


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