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Members-only Tool to Support Certification Maintenance

Module will help reduce ‘significant gaps in care and missed opportunities for intervention’

The Maintenance of Certification Subcommittee has developed a PIP (improvement in medical practice) module, which has been approved by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

The tool is being hosted on the ACLP website here.

This ACLP product is for members only; it was developed and paid for by the Academy.

Dwayne Heitmiller, MD, FACLP
Dwayne Heitmiller, MD, FACLP

Subcommittee chair Dwayne Heitmiller, MD, FACLP, says: “The C-L psychiatrist is frequently called upon to assess patients with a substance use disorder, sometimes as a primary problem but more often comorbid with a general medical problem and/or psychiatric disorder.

“In practice the focus is often on managing acute problems, and as a result the SUD may not be integrated into a more comprehensive treatment plan which can result in significant gaps in care, and lead to missed opportunities for intervention.”

The module, he says, aims to provide the C-L psychiatrist with a tool for systematically identifying the presence of problematic substance use and providing appropriate management, treatment, and referral.

“It has been developed based on published best practice guidelines, and within the parameters prescribed by the ABPN for successful completion of Part IV of the continuing certification/ MOC program.”


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