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Former Patient says ‘Thank You’

… With $5,000 Donation to Academy’s Foundation

The Foundation of the ACLP has received a donation of $5,000 from a grateful patient.

Glenwood Burley was a patient of ACLP president (1999-2000) Jim Levenson, MD, FACLP, almost 25 years ago.

Thanking Glenwood on behalf of the Academy, executive director James Vrac, CAE, wrote: “It’s evident you had a life-changing experience with Jim Levenson and the care he and his team provided you. I’m very pleased for you that you had a second chance for life and embraced it so touchingly.”

The 78-year-old Richmond resident penned his thoughts on his life and journey to healing in his autobiography, Death by Silence. Born and raised in the Burley Hollow area in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, he chronicled his journey from a hard and dark childhood, and two decades of working in law enforcement. Forced to retire from the police due to major health issues, he became extremely depressed and suicidal. He describes how his psychiatric hospitalization and outpatient therapy helped restore him to embracing life. Today he is an active contributor to civic service.

Dr. Levenson was the lead psychiatrist in his therapy recovery team at VCU Medical Center, Virginia Commonwealth University. “Jim Levenson became part of my cornerstone from the first session…A key factor in our joint effort to seek a new quality of life was establishing mutual trust. His low-profile and calm demeanor were traits of his effectiveness,” writes Glenwood.

“The most valuable trait…was his way of listening during our sessions. Jim Levenson was a master in getting you to let your painful emotions flow from your soul…I know he is always there. My need for him is only a phone call away. I’m proud to acknowledge that I haven’t needed a session with Dr. Levenson in decades.”

Glenwood contacted Dr. Levenson when the book was published to tell him he wished to make a contribution to a psychiatric organization that Dr. Levenson valued.


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