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Advanced Practice Provider Course for Interdisciplinary Team Colleagues

Working together…is much needed for improved health care outcomes’

Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP, DLFAPA, the new chair of ACLP’s Interdisciplinary Education Subcommittee, is leading the development of an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) preconference course for the Academy’s annual meeting in November this year.

A steering committee for the course, the APP Educational Event, has been formed to provide a forum for input into the curriculum content from C-L Psychiatry leaders. 


Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP, DLFAPA
Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP, DLFAPA

Dr. Beizai, program director for the University of California San Diego C-L Psychiatry Fellowship, provides clinical care at the Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (formerly known as VA San Diego). 

She was one of the keynote speakers at a workshop presented by the Interdisciplinary Education Subcommittee at CLP 2022 in Atlanta and has a long history of working with interdisciplinary teams. 

“Working together as valued colleagues and team members, with all leveraging their unique skillsets, is much needed for improved health care outcomes of our patients,” says Dr. Beizai. “A team approach, and shared responsibility, is also beneficial for clinician wellness.”

As reported in ACLP News December, the group is developing needed curriculum resources, primarily for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to enhance their knowledge and skillsets in the field of C-L Psychiatry.   

“We are hoping that we can continue to share information as to the development of the APP Educational Event in 2023, to promote robust attendance from our allied colleagues,” says Dr. Beizai.



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