Academy Poses Questions to APA Election Candidates

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Academy Poses Questions to APA Election Candidates

Voting takes place during January

Fifteen candidates are vying for national and area office posts in the American Psychiatric Association’s 2024 elections. Voting begins on January 2, and ends on January 31.

The slate of candidates has been provided by the APA Nominating Committee, chaired by immediate past APA president, and ACLP president (2018-2019), Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP.

As is customary, ACLP has solicited responses to questions posed to the two candidates for president-elect—Theresa Miskimen Rivera, MD (who was a guest speaker at CLP 2018), and Michele Reid, MD.


Theresa Miskimen Rivera, MD, and Michele Reid, MD
Theresa Miskimen Rivera, MD, and Michele Reid, MD

Their responses have been posted to the Academy’s website here:

We have asked the candidates about:

Maintaining the gains with collaborative and integrated care: What are your thoughts on how APA can maintain and extend the gains made in supporting the roles of psychiatrists in integrated care settings? How can the APA promote collaboration with non-psychiatric medical organizations to promote awareness and value of integrated care innovations?

ACLP collaboration with APA: What do you see as the future role of ACLP and C-L psychiatrists in APA’s ongoing initiatives to advance the field of Psychiatry? Are there any specific ideas, positions, or projects that you can see as an opportunity for continued collaboration between our organizations?

Workforce development: One idea being discussed is expanding ‘fast-tracking’ fellowship training (overlapping with residency), as organized in child and adolescent psychiatry, to other subspecialties. What are your thoughts about this proposal? What other ideas do you have to address the workforce shortage in psychiatry and its subspecialties?

Financial models: Do you have thoughts about how APA’s experience might help with the Academy’s efforts to be more effective in developing credible financial models for C-L psychiatrists in their organizations?

Telehealth: Some states are cutting back on reimbursing for telehealth services and the continued Federal support for telehealth services remains unclear. How should the APA advocate for the future of telehealth?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What can the APA do to address DEI within our profession and what are your thoughts on how to enhance models of care for minority and underserved populations?



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