July Webinar

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Meaning in Medicine

Finding Meaning in Medicine is an extra webinar this month—a discussion with C-L Psychiatry faculty on finding fulfilment at work.

Wednesday, July 24, 12:00-1:00 PM EDT

Modern medicine poses challenges to professional satisfaction and well-being, say sponsors ACLP’s Mentorship Subcommittee.

A panel will explore how to find meaning in medicine, how to mentor and motivate others to do the same, and how practically to achieve these goals.

Panelists are:

Janna Gordon-Elliott, MD, FACLP, Weill Cornell Medical College.
David Kasick, MD, FACLP, Wexner Medical Center.
Carrie Ernst, MD, FACLP, Icahn School of Medicine.
Meredith Spada, MD, University of Pittsburg Medical Center.
Jacob Appel, MD, JD, MPH, Icahn School of Medicine.
David Fipps, DO, Mayo Clinic.

Register here.


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