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Today’s Poster Session Will Contribute to the Knowledge Base of C-L Psychiatry

‘ACLP is the premiere venue for learning about subspecialized consultative care’

This year’s posters accepted for presentation at CLP 2022 exceed 200. They are divided into 26 tracks. Here we select examples of what’s on offer today at the poster session (5:15 PM – 7:15 PM in the Galleria). They have been chosen from the judges’ top-scoring posters in their tracks—and could well be among the prizewinners.

Chair of the Oral Papers & Posters Subcommittee, Michael Marcangelo, MD, FACLP, adds a commentary to each.

Michael Marcangelo, MD, DFAPA, FACLP
Michael Marcangelo, MD, FACLP

Prizewinners will be awarded their rosettes at today’s session. Judges have already selected a shortlist of five or so finalists in each track, but today they will individually grade presenters on their presentation skills. Prizes will be awarded based on the judges’ combined scoring.

Results are set to be confirmed in tomorrow morning’s ACLP News.