Mentorship Opportunities


It’s not too late to . . .

Take Advantage of ACLP Mentorship Opportunities

You can still attend this evening’s symposium on mentoring even if you haven’t as yet registered for it.

At the last count, the Maximizing Mentorship Relationships Throughout Our Careers symposium, for ACLP members only, had topped 150 attendees.

Such was the early demand, it was moved to a larger room. It will now be held at 7:00pm in the Grand Sierra Ballroom of the hotel.

If you haven’t registered, you can do so at the ACLP registration desk today so a breakout group can be allocated. Even then, “latecomer” members who haven’t registered will still be welcomed at the door subject to space available.

The symposium is designed for members at all stages of their career—for both those seeking mentorship and those interested in offering mentorship.

Katy LaLone, MD

“It’s not only for early career members,” says one of the organizers, Katy LaLone, MD. “If you’re experienced but looking for mentorship support to develop your career further in a particular direction, the symposium is for you.

“The interactive symposium will be organized around topics, rather than career stage, so that members at all career stages can share experiences and insights, and learn from speakers.”

Topics include:

“Finding fulfillment and success in one’s career as a C-L psychiatrist often directly correlates to the presence of meaningful relationships with mentors who help navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern academia,” says Dr. LaLone.

“Despite the clear importance of mentorship, many psychiatrists may struggle to form and maintain these relationships over the course of their careers. ACLP is committed not only to enhancing clinical excellence, but also to facilitating strong mentorship relationships among its members.”

Presenters will offer fundamental concepts about mentorship, guidelines for enhancing mentorship relationships­—for both the mentor and mentee—and encourage thoughtful, small-group discussions about common career obstacles.

Dr. LaLone and Alan Hsu, MD, will define how mentorship is evolving in modern academia, discuss benefits and drawbacks of several mentorship models, and review current opportunities for mentorship through ACLP.

Sponsored by the Early Career Track Subcommittee and ECP SIG, the symposium will consist of: an introductory presentation, small group breakout sessions, and a final large group wrap-up discussion. Ample time will be devoted to audience questions during discussions, making use of an electronic audience response system.

Senior ACLP faculty will lead breakout sessions: Drs. Bob Joseph, Don Rosenstein, Paula Zimbrean, Pierre Azzam, Elisabeth Kunkel, Phil Muskin, Linda Worley, Ann Schwartz, Michael Bostwick, Sanjeev Sockalingham, Tom Wise, and Mary Ann Cohen.