Transplant Psychiatry

Journal Article Annotations
2020, 3rd Quarter

Transplant Psychiatry

Annotations by Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP
July, 2020

  1. Factor Analyses and Validity of the Transplant Evaluation Rating Scale (TERS) in a Large Sample of Lung Transplant Candidates.

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    PUBLICATION #1 — Translant Psychiatry

    Factor Analyses and Validity of the Transplant Evaluation Rating Scale (TERS) in a Large Sample of Lung Transplant Candidates.
    Mariel Nöhre, Georgios Paslakis, Özgür Albayrak, Maximilian Bauer-Hohmann, Jan Brederecke, Daniela Eser-Valeri, Igor Tudorache, Martina de Zwaan


    The finding:
    Two psychological traits (“emotional sensitivity” and “defiance”) were found to exhibitdifferential predictive validity to quality of life at 1-year post-transplant. After adjusting for age, sex, and lung disease, the factor “emotional sensitivity” predicted task interference while the factor “defiance” predicted physical functioning. None of the factors predicted psychological functioning at 1-year follow-up

    Strength and weaknesses:
    This is a prospective study of 390 lung transplant candidates who were systematically evaluated for psychological variables and quality of life. Limitations of the study included the definition of some of the outcomes measured (physical functioning appreciation, unspecified proportion of transplanted patients) and the fact that 38% of patients did not complete the follow up assessments.

    This study “fine tunes” the use and predictive value of TERS in lung transplant recipients by analyzing prospectively the role of psychological factors (emotional sensitivity and defiance) in predicting after transplant quality of life, depression and anxiety. This will help transplant psychiatry clinicians focus psychological evaluations pre transplantation and may direct the implementation of psychotherapies across the transplant journey.

    Also of interest – PUBLICATION #2 — Transplant Psychiatry
    Perioperative mental evaluation and intervention for lung transplantation in elderly patients with COVID‐19.
    Hailong Lyu PhD, Weili Han PhD, Dandan Wang MD, Tingbo Liang PhD, Shaohua Hu PhD

    Annotation (unstructured)

    This letter to the editor describes two patients (a 66y/o woman and a 70y/o man) who received double lung transplantation as a treatment for pulmonary disease secondary to Covid 19 infections. Both patients had insomnia and delirium after transplantation and received zolpidem and olanzapine for treatment of their symptoms. There were no other psychiatric problems associated with the care of these two patients. This is the first report of post -transplant psychiatric findings in patients receiving lung transplantation for Covid-19 infection.

    Type of study:
    case report.