Journal Article Annotations
2023, 2nd Quarter


Annotations by Liliya Gershengoren, MD
July, 2023

  1. Suicidal ideation and attempts in brain tumor patients and survivors: A systematic review.

PUBLICATION #1 — Suicide

Suicidal ideation and attempts in brain tumor patients and survivors: A systematic review.
Mohammad Mofatteh, Mohammad Sadegh Mashayekhi, Saman Arfaie, Yimin Chen, Armaan K Malhotra, Mohammed Ali Alvi, Nicholas Sader, Violet Antonick, Mostafa Fatehi Hassanabad, Alireza Mansouri, Sunit Das, Xuxing Liao, Roger S McIntyre, Rolando Del Maestro, Gustavo Turecki, Aaron A Cohen-Gadol, Gelareh Zadeh, Keyoumars Ashkan.


The finding:
This systematic study revealed that patients with brain tumors, including survivors, have higher rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts than the general population. This is the first comprehensive analysis of people with brain tumors who have had suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Strength and weaknesses:
The total number of patients reported in this review serves as the largest available pooled data examining suicidality in brain tumor patients. However, there is heterogeneity among the articles reviewed with smaller studies identifying a more precise relationship between factors related to suicidal behavior and suicidality. Other factors, such as personality traits, psychiatric support strategies provided, and cognitive functions were not consistently reported, making comparisons more challenging. In addition, five of the seven studies reviewed did not specify the rate of suicide attempts resulting in mortality.

Patients’ distress and despair may worsen as a result of their brain tumor diagnosis and treatment. In extreme circumstances, patients and survivors may exhibit suicidality at a higher rate than the general population. It is essential to recognize suicide risk among these patients so that timely treatment may be provided in neuro-oncological settings to reduce potential harm. Patients with brain tumors must receive comprehensive follow-up care, which includes psychiatric risk assessment and treatment.