University of Michigan

General Information

Available positions:
Number of covered hospital beds:
University: 1,000; VA: 128
Number of inpatient consults per year for service:
Number of full-time faculty equivalents for service:
Annual salary:
J-1 Visa accepted:
H-1 Visa Accepted:

Experience (average hours/week)

Clinical Inpatient:
Clinical Outpatient:
Didactics and Seminars:
5 hours/week
Academic project required?

Description of Program

Fellow rotations are typically 6 months at the University Hospital and 6 months at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital. On average, a fellow has 4-5 months of inpatient experience and the remaining months are in outpatient/ambulatory clinics, including ECT, psycho-oncology, transplant, and more. The average hours are 40-50 hours per week with no call at night or weekends.

The fellowship has a strong multidisciplinary emphasis and a flexible schedule that is tailored to match the fellow’s areas of interest. At the end of this training, fellows are expected to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and astute subspecialists fully qualified to take and pass the examination for certification in the medical subspecialty of C-L Psychiatry.

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