Representative to AMA’s Specialty and Service Society (SSS)

Representative to AMA’s Specialty and Service Society (SSS)

The Academy provides a single representative to the American Medical Association’s Specialty and Service Society (SSS). This individual plays a key role representing the Academy’s interests within SSS, the division of the AMA House of Delegates representing specialties (as opposed to state medical societies). The appointment is a three-year renewable term commencing with the AMA’s 2020 Interim Meeting scheduled for November 14-17 as a virtual event. Because of the nature of this role the ACLP Board envisages a long-term appointment.


Due to the challenging requirements of the position and policy issues involved, the Board of Directors has determined that only Academy Fellows in good standing are eligible candidates to apply for this role. Candidates must be a current AMA member at the time of application.

Application Process

Nominations will only be accepted online via this application process and must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, August 30. The deadline will not be extended, and nominations submitted via other means will not be accepted.

You may nominate yourself or another. If you nominate someone else, please confirm in advance that s/he is a current Fellow in good standing and a member of the AMA. Candidates not meeting these eligibility requirements will not be considered.

The most important element of the nomination process is the Letter of Nomination, which MUST, in addition to any comments you make in support of your candidacy or that of your nominee, include the following sections: 

What does service as ACLP’s representative to the AMA’s SSS involve?

AMA SSS meets twice a year, in June at the AMA’s Annual Meeting, and in November at the AMA’s Interim Meeting. ACLP’s delegate will be expected to attend both, including House of Delegates and section council activities, which in total can amount to a commitment of about 5-6 days for each meeting. ACLP reimburses expenses for attendance at both meetings.

ACLP’s delegate will meet with the Academy Board at the annual meeting, usually on the Wednesday afternoon preceding the first day of the annual meeting, for about 20 mins. A written report is requested twice a year: in the spring, in advance of the Board’s spring meeting; and in the fall, prior to the annual meeting.

What kind of work is expected of the person occupying this role?

Our SSS representative is expected to attend all SSS sessions and meetings of the Psychiatry Caucus of the House of Delegates. The ACLP’s delegate will be expected to liaise with the Psychiatry Section Council, as invited, and to provide input, as requested, regarding policy of particular relevance to C-L Psychiatry.

After the initial period of membership in SSS, ACLP will become eligible for a voting delegate in the AMA House of Delegates, the policy-making body of the AMA. As part of the SSS and eventually the AMA HoD, the ACLP would also be a part of the AMA Psychiatry Section Council with the APA, AAGP, AACAP and AAPL.

Process; Notifications

August 30: Call for nominations closes
Sep 2: Nominating Committee selects and recommends to the Board a single nominee for endorsement
Sep 3: Board ratifies nominee
By Sep 4: all candidates notified