Representative to APA’s Assembly Committee of Representatives of Subspecialties and Sections (ACROSS)

The Academy provides a single representative to the American Psychiatric Association’s Assembly Committee of Representatives of Subspecialties and Sections (ACROSS). This individual plays a key role representing the Academy’s interests within the Assembly, sometimes submitting action papers or resolutions on behalf of the Academy and frequently reporting back to the Board on developments that relate to or impact issues connected with Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. The appointment is a three-year term commencing at the conclusion of the APA’s 2023 annual meeting, i.e., May 24, 2023. The selected candidate will be eligible for a second, 3-year term, for a maximum service of six years. The incumbent, Michael Peterson, MD, FACLP, is eligible for re-election.


Due to the challenging requirements of the position and policy issues involved, the Board of Directors has determined that only Academy Fellows in good standing are eligible candidates to apply for this role. The application deadline is February 28; the nominations process is detailed below.

Application Process

Nominations will only be accepted online via this application process and must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, February 28. The deadline will not be extended, and nominations submitted via other means will not be accepted.

You may nominate yourself or another. If you nominate someone else, please confirm in advance that s/he is a current Fellow in good standing. Candidates not meeting this eligibility requirement, including applicants for fellowship status, will not be considered.

The most important element of the application process is the Letter of Candidacy, which MUST, in addition to comments made in support of your candidacy or that of your nominee, include the following sections:

What does service as ACLP’s representative to the APA’s ACROSS involve?

ACROSS meets twice a year, in November, in Washington, DC, and at the APA Annual Meeting each spring. Expenses to attend the fall meeting in Washington will be paid by ACLP, while expenses to attend the APA Annual Meeting, as a member of APA, are not reimbursed by APA or ACLP. Our representative is also encouraged to attend their Area meeting, which usually takes place approximately one month prior to the Assembly meeting (expenses not covered by the APA or ACLP).

Meeting with the Academy Board at the annual meeting, usually on the Wednesday afternoon preceding the first day of the annual meeting, for about 30-45 mins. A written report is requested twice a year: in the spring, in advance of the board’s spring meeting; and in the fall, prior to the annual meeting.

What kind of work is expected of the person occupying this role?

Our ACROSS representative is expected to attend all Assembly Plenary sessions and be prepared to participate in discussions of action papers that come to the floor, particularly if they are relevant to C-L Psychiatry. The ACROSS chair will assign interested members to various committees, such as the Reference Committee, Rules Committee, Procedures Committee, etc. Our representative may be asked to attend a Reference Committee to discuss an action paper relevant to C-L Psychiatry, or develop and write action papers that are relevant to C-L Psychiatry. This will be done in collaboration with and/or at the direction of the ACLP Board.

Process; Notifications

February 28: Call for nominations closes
March 31: Nominating Committee submits three nominees to the Executive Committee
April 15: Executive Committee selects and recommends to the Board a single nominee for endorsement
April 28: Board ratifies nominee
By June 5: all candidates notified