2022 Webinars – February 9

12:30 – 1:00 PM EST, Wednesday, February 9th 

State-of-the-art Delirium Research Review: Key Findings from the 2020–2021 Academic Year

ACLP member Mark Oldham, MD, will present, “State-of-the-art delirium research review: Key findings from 2020–2021 academic year,” which builds on the recent work of the American Delirium Society (ADS), where Dr. Oldham serves as Treasurer and member of the ADS research committee. He will cover the top-rated delirium research study in the following three categories: critical care, perioperative care, and geriatric care, highlighting implications for clinical practice.

“Each year, the American Delirium Society hosts a year-in-review session that covers the most important delirium research as identified and scored by the members of the ADS research committee,” says Dr. Oldham. “Most of the delirium literature these days is published outside psychiatry journals, so Academy members may be unaware of the breadth of current delirium research or its implications for care. In this webinar, I’d like to do more than just bring attention to these studies. I want to introduce Academy members to modern delirium scholarship, the kinds of studies that are being conducted, and the kinds of questions that remain unanswered. I’d love to inspire C-L psychiatrists to enter the delirium field or even consider pursuing delirium research themselves. If these three studies are of any consolation, there’s so much we don’t know about delirium.”

Registration is required to participate in this webinar. There is no cost, or CME credit.

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