Current Academy Board of Directors

Current Academy Board of Directors

A new line-up after yesterday’s member votes at the business meeting


ACLP Board
The ACLP Board of directors.

The new ACLP Board comprises:


President: Madeleine Becker, MD, FACLP
President-elect: E. Sherwood Brown, MD, PhD, FACLP
Vice-president: Paul Desan, MD, PhD, FACLP
Treasurer: Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP
Secretary: Ann Schwartz, MD, FACLP

Board Directors:

Amy Bauer, MD, FACLP
Brian Bronson, MD, FACLP
Christopher Celano, MD, FACLP
Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP
Maryland Pao, MD, FACLP
Leo Pozuelo, MD, FACLP
Terry Rabinowitz, MD, DDS, FACLP
Lisa Rosenthal, MD, FACLP

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