How to Get Research Skills

How to Get Research Skills

September 30—deadline for applications

ACLP’s Research Subcommittee will present a half-day colloquium—scheduled for 1:00-5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 8, at the annual meeting in Austin—for C-L psychiatrists interested in engaging in research as part of their careers, whether on a modest scale or with the intent of becoming independent investigators.

The colloquium aims to enlarge the cadre of C-L psychiatrists who possess the skills needed to take scientific investigations from initial ideas to completed projects.

It is geared towards participants in the early stages of research career development or those who are incorporating research into their clinical careers.

The colloquium welcomes trainees through mid-level faculty. Ideal applicants will range from those just getting started in project development to those who are developing their first proposals for external funding.

Participants will have the opportunity to select a colloquium track that best fits their career goals. Each track will have interactive didactic sessions specific to their track, as well as small group workshops with mentors in the field. Topics for each track will focus on career development, establishing effective mentorship, project development, and identifying resources.

Primary Clinicians Engaged in Research OR Clinical and Educational Program Developers track. The first 20 to register per track will be accepted. There is no cost to register for the workshop. Registration deadline: September 30.

Visit the program page on the ACLP website for the links to apply or register.


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