New SIG for Hispano-American Psychiatrists

The ACLP Board has approved the establishment of a new special interest group (SIG) to provide an opportunity for Hispano-American psychiatrists to share their interest for C-L Psychiatry. 

Ricardo Millán-González, MD, requested establishment of the Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry SIG.

“Our group, comprised of more than 40 C-L psychiatrists, have assisted the annual meetings since 2008, coming from all around Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Region, South America and Spain,” says Dr. Millán-González.

“Through time we have naturally affiliated as a team, sharing academic and investigation projects through our universities and workplaces; all made possible by the communication the ACLP allowed us to have.”

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Ricardo Millán-González, MD
Ricardo Millán-González, MD

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