Poster Award Winners 2023 Announced

Poster Award Winners 2023 Announced

Selected from more than 200 posters scheduled for presentation at the meeting


Judges reported their individual scores for shortlisted posters then their marks were collated by chair Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP, DFAPA

A record number of submissions for both posters and oral papers this year resulted in more than 200 poster abstracts and 115 oral paper abstracts scheduled for CLP 2023. Poster category winners are:

General, First Prize: Proactive Consultative Psychiatry: An Interdisciplinary Teaching Model


Jacqueline T. Chipkin
Jacqueline Chipkin, MD

Presenting author: Jacqueline Chipkin, MD

General, Second Prize: Breakdown of the Gut Paracellular and Blood-brain Barrier and Disorders in the β-Catenin-Actin Complex are Risk Factors of Delirium due to Hip Fracture in Older Adults


Paul Thisayakorn, MD
Paul Thisayakorn, MD

Presenting author: Paul Thisayakorn, MD

General, Third Prize: Delayed-Onset Psychosis After Lung Transplant Secondary to Tacrolimus Neurotoxicity


Matthew Gunther, MD, MA
Matthew Gunther, MD, MA

Presenting author: Matthew Gunther, MD, MA

Trainee, First Prize: Comparison of Suicide Risk Identification in Adult Healthcare Encounters With and Without Universal Screening: Analysis of Age Group and Reason for Encounter


Julia Livingstone, MA
Julia Livingstone, MA

Presenting author: Julia Livingstone, MA

Trainee, Second Prize: Somatic Symptoms and Associated Psychological Perceptions Among Patients With and Without Post-acute Sequalae of SARS-CoV-2 and Controls


Michael R. Liu, B.S
Michael Liu, BS

Presenting author: Michael Liu, BS

Trainee, Third Prize: Antipsychotic Treatment Strategies for Delirium in the Pediatric Intensive Care Setting: A Review of the Current Literature


Elisabeth A. Dietrich, MD, with Kelsey M. Delph, MD
Elisabeth Dietrich, MD, with Kelsey Delph, MD

Presenting author: Elisabeth Dietrich, MD

Best Case Report: A Dangerous Obsession: An Adolescent with Wernicke Encephalopathy


Conor J. Malloy, MD
Conor Malloy, MD

Presenting author: Conor Malloy, MD


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