Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG

The bidirectional relationship between cardiovascular disease and various psychiatric symptoms are some of the most replicated findings in psychosomatic medicine and are commonly encountered in the daily practice of psychosomatic medicine clinicians. However, few empirical guidelines are available to assist and enhance the practice of cardiovascular psychiatry.

The mission of the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG is to bring together C-L psychiatrists interested in advancing clinical care, education, and research on the relationship between cardiovascular disease and psychiatric symptoms.

The co-chairs of our SIG are Leo Pozuelo, MD, FACLP, and Chris Celano, MD, FACLP.

Goals and Activities

  1. Provide networking, support, and collaboration opportunities between consultation-liaison psychiatrists who are interested in the field of cardiovascular psychiatry.
  2. Promote a learning environment that allows for ongoing discussion of challenging cases and news and changes in the field.
  3. Collaborate in research activities and publish manuscripts such as case reports, case series, and literature reviews.
  4. Enhance communication between our SIG members thorough the year, with the aim of organizing a symposia or workshop at the ACLP yearly meeting.

How to Join

ACLP members: to join our SIG, you simply need to update your ACLP membership profile. Under “Your Special Interest Group Subscriptions,” check the “Cardiovascular Psychiatry” box. Allow 24 hours to take effect.

Non-ACLP members: please send an email indicating your field of interest, full name, organization, and telephone number to (email link includes CC to the co-chairs of the SIG).

If you are interested in the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG, we recommend becoming a member of the ACLP.  To learn more about the benefits of ACLP membership and how to join, please see our Membership Advantages and Join ACLP pages.