Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry

Welcome to the Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry SIG! This group is open to all Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists, in any country, who seek to connect and advance topics related to the clinical, academic, and research practice of C-L Psychiatry in Spain and Latin-America.  

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive SIG, open to the entire ACLP community, beyond its Spanish-speaking members. To achieve this, we will procure the SIG conducts ALL of its activities in the English language.

The goals of the SIG are to:

  1. Transmit the ACLP message across Spain and Latin America.
  2. Create a forum to ACLP and other SIG members to share the experience of practicing C-L Psychiatry in each member country, news and advancements in the field.
  3. Promote a learning environment that allows for ongoing discussion of challenging cases and the exchange of ideas and tailored best practices. 
  4. Establish a bridge between ACLP and different National Psychiatric Associations across Latin America. 
  5. Foster scholarly work and academic presence through organizing symposia or workshops at the ACLP annual meeting.
  6. Create collaboration opportunities with existing ACLP members across borders and foster a network of collegiality and opportunity.

SIG Meetings and Discussions

The Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry SIG meets annually during the ACLP annual meeting in November. 

We encourage new members to join us at our annual SIG meetings and to actively participate in ongoing communications, discussions, and updates via our listserv. Finally, we welcome any member who wants to join our WhatsApp Group for live discussions and networking. If you are interested in joining our WhatsApp group, please contact us via email at hispanoamerican@list.clpsychiatry.org.

How to Join

We welcome new members, and while membership in the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry is not required, we encourage our SIG members to become ACLP members.