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Goals and Activities
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Patients are increasingly turning to integrative approaches for their healthcare. Scientific studies supporting these interventions have risen in parallel.  Given the rising popular and scientific interest, C-L psychiatrists should familiarize themselves with integrative approaches that have scientific support for promoting health.  It is also important for C-L psychiatrists to develop a working knowledge of potentially harmful drug interactions between herbs/supplements and conventional medications.

The mission of the Integrative Medicine (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) SIG is to bring together C-L psychiatrists and other clinicians interested in advancing clinical care, education, and research on integrative approaches to promoting health and wellness.  These include mind-body medicine (e.g., mindfulness, biofeedback), diet and nutrition interventions (e.g., broader dietary patterns, macronutrients, and micronutrients), and herbs and supplements.

Co-chairs of the Integrative Medicine SIG

Janna Gordon-Elliott, MD, FACLP

Ana Ivkovic, MD

Uma Naidoo, MD


Goals and Activities

  1. Provide networking, support, and collaboration opportunities between consultation-liaison psychiatrists and other clinicians who are interested in integrative medicine.
  2. Foster a stimulating learning environment that allows for discussion of challenging cases and advances in the field.
  3. Collaborate in research activities and publish manuscripts such as case reports, case series, and literature reviews.
  4. Enhance communication between our SIG members through the year, with the aim of organizing symposia or workshops at the ACLP yearly meeting.
  5. Provide members with resources including a bibliography of important studies relating to the field of integrative medicine, with special attention to those pertinent to C-L psychiatry

How to Join

ACLP members: to join our SIG, please update your ACLP membership profile by checking the “Integrative Medicine” box under “Your Special Interest Group Subscriptions.” Allow 24 hours for processing.

Non-ACLP members: please send an email indicating your field of interest, full name, organization, and telephone number to (email link includes CC to the co-chairs of the SIG).