Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology SIG

About the SIG

The psychiatric care of patients with cancer and other potentially life-limiting medical conditions often requires CL psychiatrists to work closely with both palliative medicine and oncologic specialists. Psycho-Oncology and Palliative Care physicians must develop familiarity with cutting-edge treatments within the array of oncology and other fields in order to deliver psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic treatments that are best suited for these patients. It is the Psycho-Oncology CL psychiatrist’s role to understand the complex relationships between mental health, medical treatments, and health outcomes, all as specific to the cancer setting, as well as to educate other health professionals about these relationships. The mission of the Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology SIG is to bring together CL psychiatrists interested in advancing clinical care, education, and research on the treatment of patients with cancer and improving the quality of life and health outcomes of patients with severe, life-limiting medical conditions.

Goals and activities

  1. Provide networking, support, and collaboration opportunities between CL psychiatrists who are interested in the fields of palliative medicine and psycho-oncology.
  2. Promote a learning environment that allows for ongoing discussion of challenging cases and news and changes in the field.
  3.  Collaborate in research activities and publish manuscripts such as case reports, case series, literature reviews, and original research.
  4. Enhance communication between our SIG members throughout the year, with the aim of organizing CLP symposia or workshops as well as engaging in outreach activities and presentations to other related national and international professional organizations.
    To view recordings of past meetings, click here (members only).

How to join