Telepsychiatry SIG

Welcome to the ACLP Telepsychiatry SIG!

The ACLP Telepsychiatry SIG was formed in 2010. Its mission is to provide information, resources, and leadership aimed at supporting the implementation and growth of a telepsychiatry approach to providing consultation-liaison psychiatry services to a broad spectrum of hospitalized and community-dwelling persons in any and all underserved or in-need settings, whether rural or urban. In addition, it encourages rigorous enquiry aimed at achieving greater knowledge of this technology, with a focus on improving this methodology to help make it comparable to—or better than—the in-person condition, as well as increasing its use.

The SIG has been very active in the Academy: We have presented papers or organized or participated in a skills course or workshop at every annual meeting since our creation; several members have published their research or recommendations in peer-reviewed journals, in white papers, or in textbooks; and some members serve on telemedicine-related editorial boards or are Editors-in-Chief of telemedicine-related journals.

Any ACLP member regardless of their stage of training, experience, or familiarity with telepsychiatry is most welcome to join this SIG!