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Geriatric Psychiatry SIG is Launched

The Academy has another new special interest group.

The Geriatric Psychiatry SIG will foster interest in the sub-specialty and related topics (such as dementia, delirium, complex medical illness, polypharmacy, end-of-life issues and capacity for medical decision-making) for the C-L psychiatrist.

It will also support C-L psychiatrists who provide care for older adults or adults with geriatric syndromes (such as frailty and cognitive impairment).

Jo Wilson, MD, MPH
Jo Wilson, MD, MPH

Among the founding members is Jo Wilson, MD, MPH, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She says the SIG will provide “a year-round enriching learning environment that allows for ongoing discussion of challenging cases through the listserv and / or quarterly conference calls.”

It will also provide:

“With the overall population aging, and the increasing recognition of mental health concerns of this population (i.e., delirium, dementia, etc) there is an increased need to engage and support C-L psychiatrists in caring for this population,” says Dr. Wilson.

To sign up to the new SIG, follow the guidelines on the Academy website.

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