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Proactive C-L Psychiatry: A Leap Forward

Enhancing the value that C-L Psychiatry provides to patients, clinicians, and health care systems


The development of Proactive C-L Psychiatry as an alternative service model in hospitals will take a leap forward in early 2021 with the publication of an APA-endorsed Resource Document including guidance on how to set up such a service.

ACLP will concurrently launch the Collaborative Care Resources ACLP Toolkit that mirrors the Resource Document.

Both have been compiled by the Academy’s Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG for whom attaining this milestone is a significant achievement as the model gains wider recognition and acceptance across the US and Europe.

Across the Atlantic, 2019–20 ACLP president Michael Sharpe, MD, FACLP, is also set to release findings later this year from his team’s The HOME Study research, based in the UK—the first randomized trial of Proactive C-L Psychiatry and the largest trial of C-L Psychiatry ever done. Dr. Sharpe and colleagues recruited 2,744 patients to the trial.

ACLP’s Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG webpage defines the model as “an interdisciplinary model of inpatient C-L Psychiatry that incorporates systematic screening for mental health concerns, early clinical intervention, and clinical integration with primary teams.” It also sets out its goal: “to enhance the value that C-L Psychiatry provides to patients, clinicians, and health care systems by facilitating efficient care and improving outcomes.”

As a forerunner to these developments and further reports in the pipeline, ACLP News interviewed Mark Oldham, MD, chair of the Proactive Psychiatry SIG, about aspects of this model described in a General Hospital Psychiatry review by Dr. Sharpe and colleagues.

See: ‘Only Some Patients in Most Hospital Settings Who Would Likely Benefit from a Psychiatric Consultation Receive It,’ this issue.


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