Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG

Greetings from the Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG!

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Mark A. Oldham, MD
Medical Director, PRIME Medicine
PRoactive Integration of MEntal healthcare in Medicine
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
University of Rochester Medical Center

Patrick Triplett, MD
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Proactive Hospital-based Intervention to Provide Psychiatric Services (PHIPPS)
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

What is Proactive C-L Psychiatry?

Proactive C-L Psychiatry is a model of care for inpatient medical and surgical populations that ASPIREs to maximize the value C-L Psychiatry provides to patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems. The features of proactive C-L Psychiatry include:

What is our purpose as a SIG?

The Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG is a community of C-L psychiatrists currently practicing within the Proactive C-L Psychiatry model or interested in learning more about this model of care.

What are our goals?

  1. Develop an interactive community of Proactive C-L Psychiatry to learn from one another, share insights, and contribute to the ongoing development of this model of care.
    a.   Foster collaboration among Proactive C-L psychiatrists who practice within the model.
    b.   Provide resources for those interested in piloting a Proactive C-L Psychiatry service at their institution.
  2. Promote development of Proactive C-L Psychiatry.
    Encourage creative solutions within this care model (e.g., machine learning algorithms, tailored daily workflows, different team compositions and staffing ratios).
    b.   Facilitate adaptations of this model to new settings (e.g., geographical settings, unique healthcare service lines, and specific age groups).
  3. Support research efforts that investigate the value of this model to healthcare systems, healthcare staff, and patients.
  4. Provide a centralized hub for updates on Proactive C-L Psychiatry, including recent research publications and ongoing efforts across the country (#proactiveCL).
  5. Organize annual sessions at the annual ACLP meeting, including an annual pre-conference skills session on launching and expanding.

What resources are available?

This webpage offers curated resources compiled from programs who have implemented a Proactive C-L Psychiatry service. Every service is unique and designed to meet the needs of its respective healthcare system, care providers, and patient population: the diversity across the resources here reflects the uniqueness of these services. Further, we expect that this repository will expand and develop as the field gains further experience with this model and Proactive C-L Psychiatry is explored in new settings.

How can I participate?

If you have resources you would like to share or have requests for resources not currently available, please e-mail

Our Listserv is our community’s forum for asking questions about this model and allows participants to receive consultation. Members of this SIG will be included on our Listserv.

How can I join?

To join this, or any SIG, please see the How to Join a SIG webpage.