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Chair: Sejal Shah, MD, FACLP

We are three months away from what will surely be a highly educational and fun-filled annual meeting! We do hope you will be able to join us in person but as the pandemic has transformed how we connect and learn, there will again be the option to livestream the meeting as well as watch a selection of pre-recorded content to meet everyone’s education needs. Varying options for registration are available.

For those in-person attendees, we will be celebrating ACLP’s 70th anniversary with a birthday-party themed reception and two-step dance instruction to acknowledge our location in Austin! To reflect upon our rich history, there will be a prominent focus upon past ACLP presidents—we are excited that they have been actively engaged in the planning process for the meeting, including the ACLP trivia game!

The Annual Meeting Committee is continuing preparation for a cutting-edge educational meeting with a strong focus on networking, mentorship, and social connection. We are excited to welcome our Advanced Practice Provider colleagues as well as an increased presence of child and adolescent psychiatrists! As we gather again in Austin, we hope to see you there!

Early Career Track
Chair: Inder Kalra, MD

The subcommittee works to build creative opportunities for networking and mentorship for the Academy’s early career members.

We are collaborating with the Networking Subcommittee to welcome early career psychiatrists (ECPs) and first-time attendees to the mixer event, as well as organizing Ask Us Anything at CLP 2023. This event—an informal discussion platform with senior panellists—is planned in collaboration with ECP SIG input on topics that are most relevant to early career members. In addition, we plan to incorporate a peer discussion group for ECPs this year based on member feedback.

Local Arrangements
Chair: Emily Holmes, MD, MPH

Greetings!  We are having such a great time researching all the fun activities that Austin has to offer. From the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, to hiking Mount Bonnell, to renting a boat (perhaps a Retro Boat or a Donut Boat!), to shopping on Congress… Austin has something for everyone.

This year our goal is to make our curated list of resources more visible in the app and around the conference. We are also highlighting great places that can facilitate small group networking and connecting.

Austin may be best known for its food; therefore, for the half-day event, we have organized a private culinary tour of the city. If interested, you can sign up when you register for the meeting—act quickly because space will be limited!

In case you still need a little more Texas flair to put you in the right mood, we have arranged for two-stepping lessons at the Welcome Reception.

We can’t wait to see you all in a few short months!

Preconference Courses
Chair: Marian Fireman, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee is excited to announce the Updates course for CLP 2023, as well as six exciting Skills courses. Updates will include the following topics and speakers:

  • Morgan Faeder, MD, will discuss transgender care.
  • Nancy Byatt, DO, FACLP, will speak on women’s health.
  • James Levenson, MD, FACLP, will present an update on rheumatology.
  • Shamim Nejad, MD, will provide an update on addictions.
  • Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP, will provide an update on pulmonary medicine and Psychiatry.
  • GenaLynne Mooneyham, MD, will discuss autoimmune encephalitis.

Our Skills courses include:

  • You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader: Practical Leader: Practical Leadership Skills for the C-L Psychiatrist.
  • The Social (Media) Being: Psychiatrists’ Guide to the Trials and Tribulations of the Virtual Self Across the Lifespan.
  • Lessons Learned in Creation and Maintenance of Telemedicine Services for Consultation-Liaison and Emergency Psychiatry Coverage in Diverse Hospital Systems.
  • From PMDD to Menopause: Psychopharmacology Basics for the General Consultation Psychiatrist.
  • Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with our Intensivist Colleagues: How Critical Care Psychiatrists Can Enhance the Application of the A-F Bundle.
  • Care in Living Color: A Primer for C-L Practitioners on Integrated Care for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Persons.

We hope many of you will be able to attend these exciting courses!

Chair: Sandy Rackley, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee actively explores innovative ways to connect members and foster new relationships. We invite all members to share their special moments during our annual meeting with ACLP in the ‘Selfie of the Day’ to immortalize these moments with your dear mentors and peers to win awards!

As we will all meet in Austin later this year, our subcommittee will host the first ACLP Saloon, providing a relaxed setting for attendees to discuss real-life concerns and meet with former ACLP presidents, among other senior psychiatrists, to facilitate networking opportunities.

Expanding within the virtual arena, we will also facilitate the development of WhatsApp Groups and improved communication using the ACLP app, especially for members joining us for the first time.

Finally, we will host a special edition of ACLP Trivia Live! which will celebrate 70 years of the Academy while acknowledging our history and accomplishments from previous presidents in a fun and interactive way (including the live participation of Zoom participants). Career consultations and books will be offered to those brave enough to reach the top of our leaderboard.

We also promote other mentorship events, such as the Early Career Track Subcommittee’s Ask Us Anything! event and Networking Lunches for people to connect.

We are always looking for new collaborators! Feel free to contact us if you want to participate in our subcommittee!

Oral Papers & Posters
Chair: Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP

It has been the busy season for our subcommittee. Along with the other subcommittees, we have been actively planning for our meeting in Austin this November!

We had a record number of submissions for both posters and oral papers this year: more than 400 poster abstracts and 115 oral paper abstracts. This year, we fortunately had the assistance of ACLP members who volunteered to review alongside our subcommittee members. This process was piloted by the Workshops & Symposia Subcommittee last year—and has been a great success. Volunteer reviews significantly assisted with the time required for the process by subcommittee members and has been a great way to engage our membership.

After the review, 50 oral papers were accepted and will be presented in sessions with five papers each grouped by topic. Look for those exciting and interactive sessions on Friday, November 10. The poster session will include a little over 200 posters—many from trainees. Be sure to attend the always exciting and interactive poster session in Austin!

We’ll stay busy between now and November: we are finalizing the schedule for when the oral papers will be presented and identifying moderators for each session from our subcommittee. For the posters, we’re gearing up to review submitted posters in October for award consideration. Lastly, we greatly look forward to the on-site review of posters, engaging with many of you directly, and announcing our awards at the meeting!

Workshops & Symposia
Chair: Anne Gross, MD, FACLP

Chair: Anne Gross, MD, FACLP

See: Dear SIG Members…, ACLP News, July.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Chair: Ann Schwartz, MD, FACLP

The Education Committee coordinates the activity of the six ACLP Education Subcommittees. We will be continuing to host the monthly ACLP webinars—this year alternating between journal clubs and clinical case conferences (see the report of the Residency Education Subcommittee below). If you would like to suggest topics for the webinar series, please contact Ann Schwartz, MD, FACLP, or another member of the Education Committee.

Fellowship Education
Chair: Mark Bradley, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee (FES) continues to support faculty and trainees thriving in the rapidly changing fellowship education environment. Over the coming months, FES will continue to support program directors as C-L Psychiatry adopts the AAMC’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for selection processes this year, including promotional informational resources and assessing programs’ needs.

In addition, FES will provide guidance on selection practices, including interview methods, that support equitable interviewing in the post-pandemic emergency era. We will also analyze data from our current survey of program curricular needs to identify curricular priority areas for the program, as well as completing and submitting the manuscript for our survey on DEI resources in fellowship. Finally, FES will present a virtual symposium at CLP 2023 on teaching scholarly proficiency in C-L Psychiatry fellowship programs.

Interdisciplinary Education
Chair: Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee has been working closely with an APP Advisory Panel to develop the inaugural ACLP APP Educational Event for CLP 2023. We are grateful for our colleagues’ involvement and input into the development of this course. The half-day Skills course will cover essential C-L Psychiatry topics such as delirium, agitation, safety assessment, functional neurologic disorder, and addiction in the medical setting.

The pre-course will include clinically relevant didactics, led by physicians, and interactive case discussions co-facilitated by physicians and APPs. Interactive case discussions will incorporate longitudinal themes (psychopharmacology, medication safety, liaising and relationship building skills, identifying one’s scope, and utilizing team and ACLP resources).

The educational content will be followed by an APP networking lunch and career panel. We are hoping to share the interactive cases as an educational tool for ACLP members to use with their teams in the future.

Maintenance of Certification
Chair: Florina Haimovici, MD, FACLP

MOC members will continue to contribute with fellow-level psychosomatic topic focused questions for website designed for teaching/learning across training levels, currently containing 236 multiple choice questions pertaining to Psychiatry.

Members will also review quarterly articles and funnel them through to the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN has asked for suggestions that would be meaningful for our specialty).

Medical Student Education
Chair: Larkin Kao, MD

The subcommittee has worked in recent months to publish a guide for students rotating in C-L Psychiatry. The guide can now be accessed on the student tab of the ACLP website; please share this resource with your students! Over upcoming months, we plan to further develop the student website tab both to improve user experience and to make resources more inviting and accessible for students.

In March 2023, the subcommittee in conjunction with PsychSIGN (the national network of psychiatry student interest groups) held a virtual information session for students on the topic of C-L Psychiatry. The session was well-received by the dozens of students in attendance. Our group is working towards hosting this type of session more frequently throughout the year.

Looking ahead, we are excited to focus on the student experience at CLP 2023 in Austin. In addition to the trainee mixer, we will provide resources to student attendees to help them connect with mentors and make the most of the meeting’s educational opportunities.

Please remind your students of the multiple ACLP web resources available to them (including and the medical student tab of and the numerous benefits associated with ACLP membership (with an annual fee of $0 for students!). For interested students, there is also an option each fall to apply to join our subcommittee as a student member. If there are other ways you would like to see our group share C-L Psychiatry with early learners, please let us know.

Online Education
Chair: Sahil Munjal, MD

The subcommittee aims to improve ACLP members’ access to online educational resources and tools available through the ACLP website. Our highest priority is to optimize the organization of the website. We are coordinating with the medical student, residency, and fellowship subcommittees to review the current pages and update/organize them.

The subcommittee will continue to facilitate production of ACLP podcasts to further disseminate ACLP content. We have content pertaining to decision-making capacity in the pipeline. Lastly, we have completed the development of a brief online survey for ACLP members to determine members’ online education needs which should be disseminated soon.

Residency Education
Chair: Thomas Soeprono, MD

The subcommittee focuses on promoting educational scholarship, developing educational materials, recruiting trainees to C-L Psychiatry, and addressing issues of DEI in C-L Psychiatry training.

The subcommittee hosts virtual case conferences in an effort to provide practical education to trainees interested in C-L Psychiatry. Case conferences occur every other month and are part of a monthly webinar series that will alternate with a new series of journal clubs this year. We source cases through SIGs, the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, and ACLP members. Interested parties can send a brief summary of their case to and we will review cases for selection.

We continue to add to the How To guide series on common consultation questions encountered by residents on a C-L Psychiatry service. We anticipate new additions to the archive including MAT for pregnant women, treatment of opiate use disorders for inpatients, and how to talk to patients about dying and death.

The subcommittee was able to publish results of the 10-year follow-up survey of psychiatry resident education in C-L Psychiatry. We look forward to continuing these efforts in developing future recommendations based on this survey for training programs in the coming year.

The subcommittee also continues its collaboration with other Education Subcommittees to create a shared DEI curriculum for C-L educators. And we help to support and promote the successful mentorship program that developed out of this subcommittee.

Chair: Terry Rabinowitz, MD, DDS, FACLP

Business of C-L Psychiatry
Chair: Patrick Aquino, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee has continued to meet since the last annual meeting. We have been able to sponsor a presentation on updated E&M coding at the upcoming CLP 2023. Additionally, we have been working with leadership to produce a webinar with similar content which will be available to membership.

Chair: Carrie Ernst, MD

See Your Opportunity to Join Mentorship and Career-Consultation Programs, this issue.                                                                                                       

Chair: Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP

Standards & Ethics
Chair: Michael Peterson, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee engages with the Governance Committee in review of, and advising on, policies and practices that touch on professional ethical standards.

During the past months, we’ve been able to contribute to work on reviewing a plan for sponsorship guidance for the ACLP.

It is important for organizations to have an ethics committee in the case of ethics concerns or complaints—however, as has been true recently, we’re also pleased that this role hasn’t been required!

Chair: Christopher Celano, MD, FACLP

Chair: Jeffrey Staab, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee is proud to announce the development of a new half-day Developing Scholars Research Colloquium that will debut at CLP 2023 in Austin from 1:00-5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 8. This event was developed by the Research Subcommittee to support C-L psychiatrists interested in engaging in research, whether on a modest scale or with the intent of becoming independent investigators.

The colloquium aims to enlarge the cadre of C-L psychiatrists who possess the skills needed to take scientific investigations from initial ideas to completed projects. It is geared toward participants in the early stages of research career development and those who are incorporating research into their clinical careers. The colloquium welcomes trainees through mid-level faculty. Ideal applicants will range from those just getting started in project development to those who are developing their first proposals for external funding.

Participants will have the opportunity to select a colloquium track that best fits their career goals. Each track will have interactive didactic sessions and small group workshops with mentors in the field. Topics for each track will focus on career development, establishing effective mentorship, project development, and identifying resources.

There are three tracks on offer:

  • Primary Clinicians Engaged in Research OR Clinical and Educational Program Developers track. Only the first 20 to register per track will be accepted. There is no cost to register for the workshop. Registration deadline: September 30.
  • Independent Investigator track. Only six applicants are being accepted in a competitive selection process. Selected Independent Investigators will receive complimentary registration to both the workshop and the annual meeting. The registration deadline has expired.

Visit the program page on the ACLP website for links to apply or register.


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