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Significant Increase in C-L Psychiatry Applicants

‘These are the highest numbers we’ve ever seen’

The latest C-L Psychiatry Fellowship MATCH results show a significant increase in the number of candidates entering the MATCH and fellowship positions filled. 

This year’s MATCH attracted 103 applicants, with 98 of them matching into our subspecialty, representing an increase of 18% and 20%, respectively, compared to 2023. 

In all, 125 positions were offered this year, which was similar to the number last year, and while the 2023 fill rate was 65%, this year’s rate is 77%.

Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP
Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP.

“It’s very exciting to see such a large increase in the percentage of MATCH applicants and filled fellowship positions,” says Kewchang Lee, MD, FACLP, chair of the Fellowship Education Subcommittee (FES).

“It reflects a growing interest in C-L Psychiatry that bodes well for the future of our subspecialty. These are the highest numbers we’ve ever seen.”

This year was also the first year that C-L fellowship programs had the option of using the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). 

“Based on discussions at our last Program Directors’ Forum, there were programs that experienced up to a 50% increase in their applications, which I believe can be attributed to ERAS given that applicants must pay an initial fee to use it, but have the option of applying to up to 10 programs with that fee,” says Dr. Lee. 

“This, along with the ease of virtual interviewing, likely encouraged candidates to apply to more programs than in the past, when they and their references had to send their application documents to each program individually.”

Programs had the option of continuing to accept the ACLP Common Application used in prior years, and they will have this option and the possibility of accepting applications via ERAS again next year.

Looking to the future, Dr. Lee says: “In the coming months, the FES will review its guidelines for virtual, hybrid, and in-person interviews as the COVID era continues to evolve, as well as monitor for any changes in interviewing guidelines from the AAMC and the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training. We will also continue to emphasize processes that help ensure equity in access to C-L Psychiatry fellowship training.”


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