Preconference Courses to be a Major Draw at This Year’s Meeting

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Preconference Courses to be a Major Draw at This Year’s Meeting

Something for everyone on preconference day

CLP 2024 will be offering more preconference courses than ever before—so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Join us for our free inaugural Advocacy Skills Course. It will be a major draw on the preconference day at this year’s ACLP Annual Meeting.

Designed in response to requests from members for more education on advocacy, the course will be led by two Academy Fellows who have been at the forefront of our achievements in solidifying our standing in the House of Medicine—American Medical Association House of Delegates representative, Lee Tynes, MD, PhD, FACLP, and our American Psychiatric Association (APA) Assembly Committee of Representatives of Subspecialties and Sections representative, Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP.

Lee Tynes, MD, PhD, FACLP, and Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP.
Lee Tynes, MD, PhD, FACLP, and Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP.

Together they will present Advocacy Skills for Physicians: Leading Change in the Practice of Medicine on preconference day, Wednesday November 6. The course includes a blockbuster line-up of speakers: APA president Ramaswamy Viswanathan, MD, DrMedSc, FACLP; APA chief of advocacy, policy and practice advancement Kristin Kroeger; ACLP president Madeline Becker, MA, MD, FACLP; Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School, director Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP; the 174th president of the American Medical Association Patrice Harris, MD, MA; senior associate consultant Mayo Clinic Fi Fonseca, MD, MS; associate professor of psychiatry Tulane University School of Medicine Myo Myint, MD; and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, professor Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD.

The course will be free for all ACLP members who register to attend the annual meeting in person.

The preconference day program also includes:

What Every C-L Psychiatrist Should Know—Sponsored by the Early Career Track Subcommittee, Business of C-L Psychiatry Subcommittee, and the C-L Psychiatry Division Directors’ Forum.

Although C-L psychiatrists often have administrative responsibilities or roles, across the career span, many report inadequate preparation.

“C-L psychiatrists must have proficient administrative knowledge and skill to successfully integrate their clinical expertise into innovative approaches to patient care,” say the presenters. “This preconference skills course aims to support C-L psychiatrists, regardless of career stage, administrative title, or practice setting, who wish to strengthen their administrative knowledge and skills essential to the day-to-day work of the C-L clinician.”

Topics with high relevance to both general C-L psychiatrists and formal administrative roles will be covered: billing and coding; supervision and oversight; policy and regulations; and formal administrative leadership.

The list of speakers at this course are: Stephanie Cho, MD; Diana Punko, MD; Samidha Tripathi, MD; Meghan Schott, DO, FAPA; Andrew Lancia, MD, FACLP, DFAPA.

July 2024 news
Speakers (from left) include Diana Punko, MD, attending physician, Massachusetts General Hospital; Meghan Schott, DO, FAPA, assistant professor, George Washington University; and Andrew Lancia, MD, FACLP, DFAPA, associate professor of clinical psychiatry, University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria, in addition to Stephanie Cho, MD, LAC+USC Medical Center, and Samidha Tripathi, MD, University of Washington Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Speakers will illustrate how these foundational administrative competencies can be further developed and applied through this interactive course.

Clinical Ethics for C-L Psychiatrists; A Skills Workshop—C-L psychiatrists encounter ethical issues frequently in their work, and ethics consultants frequently seek input from C-L psychiatrists.

“There is significant overlap between the knowledge base and skills required by both types of consultants, but their roles and responsibilities differ in important ways,” say the presenters. “This clinical case-based interactive workshop will address common issues at the crossroads of C-L Psychiatry and clinical ethics such as various forms of capacity, suitability for surgical procedures (transplant, bariatrics, LVADs, etc), and pregnancy concerns (maternal competency, substance use, etc).

This preconference course was developed in response to the membership survey at the 2023 annual meeting that identified ethics as one of the most requested educational priorities for ACLP.

July news 2024
Speakers are James Levenson, MD, FACLP, DFAPA, Rhona Arenstein Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University; and Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP, director, Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School

What am I looking at? An introductory course on neuro-radiology for the C-L psychiatrist on how to read neuro-imaging and make clinical correlations—Because of the overlap between psychiatry and neurology, C-L psychiatrists must have a working knowledge of neurology; think through medical, neurological, and psychiatric differential diagnoses; and make useful, specific recommendations.

“Given the centrality of imaging in modern medicine, we propose that basic understanding of neuro-radiology, what to order and knowing what you’re looking at, is an important skill for C-L psychiatrists,” say the presenters. The course will teach basic neuroradiology skills to C-L psychiatrists including imaging findings and clinical correlates in stroke and other neuropsychiatric symptoms.

“By the end of the course, a C-L psychiatrist will be comfortable recommending imaging studies to primary medical teams and discussing their rationale, effectively collaborating with neurology teams, and reviewing neuroradiology to understand possible correlations between findings on imaging and neuropsychiatric symptoms,” say the presenters.

Speakers are: Brenna Emery, MD, C-L psychiatrist, Virginia Mason Medical Center; and Ahmed Sherif Abdel Meguid, MD, FRCPC, C-L psychiatrist/neuropsychiatry, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.
Speakers are: Ahmed Sherif Abdel Meguid, MD, FRCPC, C-L psychiatrist/neuropsychiatry, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus; and Jacqueline Posada, assistant professor, Dell Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, in addition to Brenna Emery, MD, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Jessica Pelz, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Registration for CLP 2024 Promoting Whole Health through Innovative and Integrative Approaches to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry will open in the first half of this month (July)The program will focus on evidence-based integrative medicine and holistic care and their roles in improving mental health.

  • More preconference courses will be featured in the next ACLP News.


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