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CLP 2022 Gallery

‘Enjoy networking and meeting some new and familiar faces!’

WELCOME to CLP 2022 in Atlanta with its theme Making Connections: Inspiring Transformation Through Education—the Academy’s first live annual meeting in three years.

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Yesterday (Wednesday) was preconference day when delegates joined colleagues for updates on multiple content areas/subspecialties in C-L Psychiatry, featuring bioethics, endocrinology, psycho-oncology, transplant psychiatry, delirium, and pediatric C-L Psychiatry.

A Fundamentals of Psychiatry Course, focusing on topics in the field, was geared toward trainees, clinicians new to our field, and anyone wanting to revisit core C-L Psychiatry topics. They included addiction psychiatry in the C-L Psychiatry setting, somatic symptom disorders, HIV/ Infectious diseases, psycho-oncology, and cardiac psychiatry.

Pictured here are delegates to the preconference Skills Courses which provided an opportunity to learn more about a content area and develop skills that may support career development—four hours of live interactive content focused on principles of active learning.

Early evening was reserved for:

Whether it’s your first visit, or you’re a longstanding regular, enjoy networking at CLP 2022 and meeting some new and familiar faces!

Sandy Rackley, MD, FACLP

CLP 2022 program chair Sandra Rackley, MD, MAEdHD, FACLP