Poster Winners


Poster Winners Take a Bow

Out of more than 145 poster presenters at CLP 2018, these few were awarded top prizes for their displays:

Best Trainee Posters

Zane Maroney

First Place: A Case Report of CADASIL: A Rare Diagnosis on the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

Presenting Author: Zane Maroney, MD
Co-Authors: Roman Dale, MD, FRCP(c); Vishesh Khanna, BS; Christopher Sola, DO, FACLP

==== CLEAR ====

Brian Wasserman

Second Place: Prevalence of Delirium Among Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Patients During Hospital Admission

Presenting Author: Brian Wasserman, MD
Co-Authors: Elena Perea, MD; Anthony Sung, MD

==== CLEAR ====

Hilary Linzie

Third Place: Handoff of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder from Acute Care to Primary Care

Presenting Author: Hilary R. Linzie, MD
Co-Authors: David Kasick, MD; Kevin N. Johns, MD

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Best Non-Trainee Posters

Amit Chopra

First Place: Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) on Hospital Outcomes in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): A National Inpatient Sample (NIS) Based Study

Presenting Author: Amit Chopra, MD, FAPA
Co-Authors: Rikinkumar Patel, MD, MPH; Suzanne Kodya, MA

==== CLEAR ====

Rachel Caravella

Second Place: Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison (C-L) Service Accessibility and Consultee Satisfaction: A Quality Improvement Project

Presenting Author: Rachel A. Caravella, MD
Co-Author: Cercy Steven, PhD

==== CLEAR ====

Third Place: Dissecting the SIPAT: Comparing Domains and Individual Items with Adherence Outcome

Presenting Author: Adrienne Mishkin, MD, MPH
Co-Authors: Markus Y. Mapara, MD, PhD; Ran Reshef, MD, MSc; Peter A. Shapiro, MD, FACLP

==== CLEAR ====

Best Case Report Poster

Sheila Lahijani

Neurosyphilis Presenting as Mania and Psychosis After Incidental Treatment with Cephalexin: A Case Report

Presenting Author: Sheila Lahijani, MD
Co-Authors: David Spelber, MD; José Maldonado, MD, FACLP, FACFE