Ethics Training Bibliography

This bibliography contains references to ethics-related books, articles, and websites deemed particularly important and useful to students and faculty of C-L psychiatry training programs. It supplements the first edition (published in 1999) of ACLP’s ethics bibliography with additional specialty areas and items published since that first edition. For a background, the need for, and use of this update, please see the Introduction.

The bibliography is organized into four categories, each with subcategories.

  1. Core Ethics Principles (background ethical theory and approaches)
  2. Clinical Ethics Topics (commonly encountered clinical ethics situations)
  3. Psychiatric Ethics (particular ethical dilemmas facing patients with mental illness)
  4. Medical Specialty Ethics (specific ethical issues arising in various medical conditions)

Authors and Acknowledgements

This bibliography update is made possible by the ACLP Bioethics SIG Bibliography Task Force, which recognizes the contributions of Bioethics SIG members as well as consultation from Marguerite Lederberg, MD, FAPM, and Cavin Leeman, MD, FAPM. Task Force members are:

We will endeavor to regularly update this online bibliography that clinicians can continually contribute to, and access, as their clinical and academic pursuits lead them. To recommend an addition to, or exclusion from, the bibliography, please send details to