Resources of the HIV/AIDS Psychiatry SIG

On this page and other pages of the ACLP website are links to relevant publications, presentations, and other websites.

Special Assistance: We welcome requests from underserved areas where there are no psychiatrists or other mental health professionals and where HIV clinicians need help in providing psychological support to persons with HIV or AIDS and their families. Please send your request to Chair, Mary Ann Cohen, MD, FAPM <>and describe the situation about which you would like assistance.

Shared Slide Presentations

Several members of our organization have agreed to make their PowerPoint presentations available on a variety of subjects for members and non-members who are new to the field of AIDS psychiatry and would like to develop presentations for the education of clinicians in academic or other settings. The following presentations are available as PDFs:

Guidelines and Related Websites

New York State HIV Mental Health Guidelines

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, has been developing guidelines for HIV medical and mental health care for many years. These guidelines have been updated, and we have been asked to make them available to our members. The guidelines are available online at — use the drop-down menu under “Clinical Guidelines”. The guidelines include those relevant to AIDS psychiatry.

American Psychiatric Association HIV Website

The American Psychiatric Association’s HIV website at provides information and links to APA-sponsored education programs, training curricula, clinical resources, policy information, and patient education materials for psychiatrists and other medical and mental health professionals.

HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan Information Resource for South Africa (NSPiSA)

A database of research projects and publications is being developed by the HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan Information Resource for South Africa (NSPiSA). The aim of the NSPiSA database is to allow policy makers, stakeholders, and other researchers to stay abreast of current and ongoing research and thus facilitate dialogue between the research community and the South African National Aids Council (SANAC) and its constituent committees and task teams. Read the NSPiSA story here.

Recent Publications by AIDS Psychiatry SIG Members

Members of the AIDS Psychiatry SIG have published thousands of articles, chapters, and books prior to joining our group. Since joining, many have published hundreds more, including several textbooks of AIDS psychiatry, all of which should be available through the publisher, Amazon, and/or Barnes and Noble, as well as university libraries:

Articles and Chapters


  • Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry – A Paradigm for Psychosomatic Medicine, 2nd Edition
    Edited by Mary Ann Cohen, Jack Gorman, Paul Volberding, Jeffrey Jacobson, and Scott Letendre
    Oxford University Press, New York, April 2017
    This new edition of the original 2008 textbookhas over 100 contributors, more than half of whom are members of the HIV/AIDS Psychiatry SIG.
  • HIV and Psychiatry
    Edited by John Joska, Dan Stein, and Igor Grant
    WPA Series in Evidence & Experience in Psychiatry
    Wiley-Blackwell, April 2014
    SIG members are represented in the editors and contributors to this new textbook, which promises to be an important addition to the current textbooks in our field.
  • Handbook of AIDS Psychiatry
    Mary Ann Cohen, Harold Goforth, Joseph Lux, Sharon Batista, Sami Khalife, Kelly Cozza and Jocelyn Soffer
    Oxford University Press, New York, 2010
    All the authors are members of both the ACLP and the AIDS Psychiatry SIG. On February 16, 2011, SIG member Michael Blumenfield, MD posted his review of the book and his online interview of the lead author on Handbook of AIDS Psychiatryis the companion to the Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry published in 2008 (next item).
  • Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry
    Edited by Mary Ann Cohen and Jack M. Gorman
    Oxford University Press, New York, 2008
    The editors are members of the SIG, and Cohen and 30 contributors are members of both the SIG and the ACLP. This book was favorably reviewed by Reuters (2008), three stars by Doody’s Book Review Service (February 2008), New England Journal of Medicine(March 27, 2008), Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry (June 2008), Journal of the American Medical Association (August 6, 2008), and the American Journal of Psychiatry(November 2008).
  • Psychiatric Aspects of HIV/AIDS
    Edited by Francisco Fernandez and Pedro Ruiz
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA, 2006
    The editors and many contributors are members of the SIG.

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