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American Psychiatric Association Resource Document

In 2019, the American Psychiatric Association Council on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry convened a Work Group to develop a Resource Document on Proactive Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. A draft of this document was reviewed by the Council in July 2020, and a revised version was approved by this Council in September 2020. The accepted version was subsequently reviewed by the APA Council on Healthcare Systems and Financing in November 2020. The final version was approved by the Joint Reference Committee on November 24, 2020 and received approval for publication by the Board of Trustees on December 12, 2020.

This Resource Document describes the historical context and modern trends that have given rise to the model of proactive C-L psychiatry. Styled as an inpatient corollary to outpatient collaborative care models, proactive C-L provides a framework of mental health care delivery in the general hospital designed to enhance mental health services to a broad range of patients. Its four elements include systematic screening for active mental health concerns, proactive interventions tailored to individual patients, team-based care delivery, and care integration with primary teams and services.

Studies have found that proactive C-L psychiatry is associated with reduced hospital length of stay, enhanced psychiatric service utilization, reduced time to psychiatric consultation, and improved provider and nurse satisfaction. These favorable results encourage further studies that replicate and build upon these findings. Additional outcomes such as patient experience, health outcomes, and readmission rates deserve investigation. Further studies are also needed to examine a broader array of team compositions and the potential value of proactive C-L psychiatry to different hospital settings such as community hospitals, surgery, and critical care.

Preconference Skills Course Resources

Deconstructing Proactive C-L (11/9/22)

Launching a Proactive C-L Psychiatry Service (11/13/19)


Executive summaries of several Proactive C-L Psychiatry services

CLP Advocacy Toolkit for Team-Based Proactive C-L Psychiatry

Service manuals and workbooks

Job/role descriptions of team members

Nursing and provider surveys

Advertising materials

Electronic health record (EHR) materials

Incorporating trainees into a Proactive C-L Psychiatry service

Generic project charter template

Publications and articles

* Denotes primary data or systematic review of primary data.

News and reviews on Proactive C-L Psychiatry

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Team-based Proactive C-L Psychiatry

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Embedded psychiatrist Proactive C-L Psychiatry

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Computer algorithms for screening

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Ongoing research

  1. Walker J and Sharpe M. The HOME Study. The Oxford Psychological Medicine Centre.

Previous ACLP presentations

CLP 2023

Research Directions in C-L Psychiatry: Where We Are and Where We’re Going (Plenary)

Enhancing the Quality of Quality Improvement: Case Studies in Proactive C-L Psychiatry

Critical Care Psychiatry: Can the Proactive Approach Work in the ICU?

The Future of Inpatient C-L Psychiatry: A ‘Hot Topic’ Evidence-based Practice Update and Open Forum. Sponsored by the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (JACLP)

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Deconstructing Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Exploring the Elements of Change

CLP 2021

Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Fostering a Culture of Mental Health Awareness

Updates in Proactive C-L Psychiatry (part of the Updates in C-L Psychiatry preconference course)

CLP 2020

Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Implementation and Development

Unique Visions of Proactive Integrated Care in the General Hospital

CLP 2019

Launching a Proactive Consultation–liaison Psychiatry Service: A How-to Skills Session for Participants. Oldham MA, Finn C, Triplett P, Anderson E, Kugler J, Bronson B, Livesey C, Horvath AJ, Lee HB.  

Lipsitt Award Presentation. Current State and Future of Proactive C-L Model: How to Disseminate, Implement, and Expand Proactive C-L Services. Lee HB.

CLP 2018

Innovative and Integrated Service Models for Hospitalized Patients with Medical and Psychiatric Co-morbidity: The Future of C-L Psychiatry? Triplett P, Olivares T, Walker J, Sharpe M, Lee HB.

Debate: Resolved: Proactive Psychiatric Consultation Should Be the Standard of Practice for Inpatient Psychiatric Consultation Services in General Hospitals. Lee HB, Heinrich T, Sharpe M, Caplan J, Wulsin L. 

APM 2016

Proactive Consultation-Liaison Psychiatric Service – How to Propose, Start and Sustain the ‘Behavioral Intervention Team’ Model. Lee HB, IsHak WW, Triplett P, Finn C, Sledge WH.

APM 2015

Proactive Psychiatric Consultation in General Hospitals: Implementation and Expansion in Three Different Settings. Lee HB, Finn C, IsHak WW, Thakur D, Sledge WH.