Resources of the Psychological Considerations SIG

The Psychological Considerations SIG offers the following resources which may be useful in your daily practice and/or as educational tools.


The following presentations at past ACLP annual meetings are examples of presentations organized by members of the Psychological Considerations SIG. Links are to the abstracts, which may be useful as well as interesting.

ACLP 2018 Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida

ACLP 2017 Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, California

ACLP 2015 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana

ACLP 2014 Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

ACLP 2006 Annual Meeting, Tucson, Arizona


Motivational Interviewing Videos

The following videos exhibit and explain the process of motivational interviewing. Also see the “Motivational Interviewing” section of the Bibliography for books and articles on the subject.