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New SIG Members Care for Patients with Some of the Most Serious Injuries

“Together, I hope we can advance the subspecialty of burn psychiatry”

The Academy has a new special interest group (SIG).

The Burn & Trauma Injury SIG will bring together C-L psychiatrists and other mental health providers who care for burn and other traumatic injury patients to advance the clinical, educational, and research aspects of this area of Psychiatry.

Members with different experiences will come from different centers and with various levels of expertise—and provide opportunities to support, network, collaborate, mentor, educate, and learn from each other, says Board director Madeleine Becker, MA, MD, FACLP.

Particularly relevant aspects of burn care (and also other traumatic injuries) involve the need for prolonged hospitalizations, multiple procedures, and surgeries, daily baths, daily wound care and dressing changes, daily physical and occupational therapy, and risk for iatrogenic dependence and withdrawal from various sedatives and analgesics required during burn care.

“Direct results from the traumatic injury itself may involve patients’ experiencing severe pain, disfigurement, disability, and various other psycho-social problems,” says Dr. Becker.

“Members will benefit by being able to work together to identify and discuss specific challenges, diagnostic considerations, and treatment strategies involved in caring for patients with serious traumatic injury.

“The group will promote research, enhance clinical care, implement educational programs, and provide the highest level of specialized psychiatric care to patients with some of the most serious injuries.”

SIG chair Sarah Laughon, MD, says: “I’m excited to be getting a group of us together who are passionate about caring for this unique and challenging group of medically and surgically complicated patients. In my experience, these patients require a delicate and specific approach. I look forward to collaborating with expert C-L psychiatrists who share my passion and hope, together, we can advance the subspecialty of burn psychiatry.”

Dr. Laughon will be supported in her role by vice-chair Eric Golden, MD.

How to join a SIG is here.


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