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Chair: Sejal Shah, MD, FACLP

Planning is underway for CLP 2023 in Austin, Texas, November 8-11, 2023! This year’s meeting will again be an in-person, live meeting. We also know that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we connect and learn so for this reason we will also offer live-streamed and recorded content to meet the differing needs of our audience. 

This year’s theme, Integrating Care and Evidence Across the Lifespan, will be sure to bring a fresh and unique perspective on C-L Psychiatry, considering illnesses from a developmental standpoint as well as emphasizing the importance of designing, implementing, teaching, and learning about the best evidence available in our field. 

In addition to exciting preconference Skills courses, such as a primer in hypnosis, the preconference day (Wednesday, November 8) will see the advent of a course for Advanced Practice Providers as well as a Research Colloquium. Plenary sessions will include a wide variety of content to support the theme and we will continue the tradition of holding a debate!

This year’s meeting will include a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. This will be emphasized via a newly added question to the abstract submission process which prompts comment upon how the submission does or could advance diversity, equity, and inclusion via the educational content and/or the speaker panel.

The Annual Meeting Committee is hard at work to develop a cutting-edge educational meeting with attention to networking, mentorship, and social connection. We will be celebrating our 70th annual meeting!  As we gather again in Austin, we hope to see you there!


Early Career Track
Chair: Inder Kalra, MD

As a subcommittee we meet monthly and will continue to build on creative opportunities for ECPs (Early Career Psychiatrists) through the Academy. We also continue to focus on ways to improve the networking experience for the Academy’s early career members and create a platform for informal communication with senior members of the Academy.

In lieu of this endeavor, the Subcommittee was involved in organizing two events at CLP 2022:

  • Fireside Chat with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) president and CEO. This event was well attended and allowed early career members to engage in informal Q & A sessions with prominent members of the APA.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) focused on topics requested by early career members in discussion with senior panelists. We conducted a survey of the attendees and will incorporate feedback while planning for the AMA event at CLP 2023. The subcommittee is planning additional topics of interest for the ACLP membership and will continue to build on this initiative in 2023.

The subcommittee will continue to collaborate with the Early Career Psychiatrists SIG and other subcommittees working with trainees to support their representation and work in the Academy.

We will continue to work on planning for webinars for ECPs, including negotiating a contract, academic advancement, and topics pertinent to career-related changes. If any member has a webinar that they have presented, or are able to present, please reach out to:


Local Arrangements
Chair: Emily Holmes, MD, MPH

The subcommittee had an amazing time at the in-person meeting in Atlanta and we are excited to start planning again for Austin. The last few years have highlighted the importance of in-person connection and we are looking forward to another opportunity to gather. This year we will be considering new ways to serve ACLP members in planning their trips to Austin. Be on the lookout for our resources about things to see, do, and eat while in Texas!


Preconference Courses
Chair: Marian Fireman, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee is thrilled to be complementing this year’s meeting theme: Integrating Care and Evidence Across the Lifespan. This year we will be holding the Updates Course. This four-hour course consists of multiple speakers updating core topics in C-L Psychiatry, presented by experts in our field. It is a great way to stay current across multiple content areas within our field.

Our Skills Courses provide an opportunity to develop skills that may support career development across the domains of clinical work, administration, research, and education. We are excited to continue plans for live sessions this year and emphasize the interactive nature of these courses. Courses may include up to two hours of prerecorded didactic content or background information that will be available for viewing prior to the course. On the Wednesday afternoon of the meeting, the live sessions will consist of interactive content with experts in each skill area. We are encouraging submissions from the Academy for these courses. This is a great way to develop the skills to be effective in our multiple roles as C-L psychiatrists.

As our subcommittee prepares for the Annual Meeting, we encourage any suggestions from members regarding content and speakers. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting this year!


Oral Papers & Posters
Chair: Michael Peterson, MD, PhD, FACLP

It seems like we were just meeting in Atlanta (great to be back in person!), but already the planning for CLP 2023 is well underway. The subcommittee has some exciting work and changes for the next meeting, working with the entire Program Committee.

The workshop committee piloted ‘crowdsourced’ reviews by ACLP members with great success for the 2022 meeting (thank you, Anne Gross!). We plan to roll out a similar process to include review of poster abstracts this year. ACLP members will be eligible to participate, and participating reviewers will also have an option to earn CME for their efforts. Watch for announcements and instructions on how to join in.

Our second area of focus is on mentoring. In November, the subcommittee started planning how to offer mentoring on submitted poster abstracts. When you submit your work, look for the option to indicate whether you’re interested in feedback/mentoring. We are also in the early stages of developing more mentoring for authors during pre-submission too (in addition to linking to outstanding abstracts submitted last year). Stay tuned for developments.

I want to thank all our subcommittee members—they all do a tremendous amount of work with all the reviews! If you’re interested in joining or finding out more, please let me know:


Chair: Ann Schwartz, MD, FACLP

The committee coordinates the activity of the six ACLP Education Subcommittees. We will be continuing to host the monthly ACLP webinars. This year we will be alternating between journal clubs and clinical case conferences (see the Residency Education Subcommittee report below). If you would like to suggest topics for the webinar series, please contact Ann Schwartz or another member of the Education Committee.


Fellowship Education
Chair: Mark Bradley, MD, FACLP

In 2023, the subcommittee will continue to provide the C-L Psychiatry fellowship education community with best practices and guidance regarding the evolving landscape of fellowship recruitment, innovative C-L Psychiatry curricular approaches, and new paths for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in C-L Psychiatry fellowship training.

Specific goals for the coming months include:

  • Developing guidance for fellowship program directors as our subspecialty moves to adopting AAMC’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for selection processes.
  • Updating ACLP’s selection and interview policy recommendations for the upcoming 2023 interview season.
  • Analyzing data from our recent surveys on DEI resources in fellowship for manuscript preparation.
  • Developing a survey of fellowship program directors to identify needs and opportunities to create shared curricular materials.
  • Exploring resources for fellowship programs to use to develop their capacity for training in scholarship, wellness, and DEI.


Interdisciplinary Education
Chair: Kristin Beizai, MD, FACLP

In December 2022, the subcommittee met to start to work on the development of an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) preconference course, to occur at the Annual ACLP Meeting in 2023. A steering committee has been developed with multiple leaders in C-L Psychiatry for input into the educational event curriculum, with Molly Howland, MD, serving as vice-chair.

A brief, rapid turnaround survey for educational topics and learning modalities has been developed, and will be sent out to APPs for input into the event. We will also be inviting several APPs to serve in an advisory role in the development of this event.


Maintenance of Certification
Chair: Florina Haimovici, MD, FACLP

The subcommittee is planning again to prepare the self-assessment exam in anticipation of the 2023 Annual Meeting.

The ABPN pilot for new article-based continuing certification ended on December 15, 2022. Our subcommittee will try to learn from the pilot participants how we can help/facilitate the process for ACLP members.


Medical Student Education
Chair: Larkin Kao, MD

This year, the subcommittee is excited to continue working on our mission to educate students on the subspecialty of C-L Psychiatry, recruit early learners to our field, and involve students in Academy activities.

In the upcoming months, we will begin a series of online sessions where students can hear from C-L psychiatrists on topics such as how to succeed in C-L Psychiatry rotations, what a career in C-L Psychiatry can entail, and more.

Throughout the year we will continue to expand student content on the ACLP website with material tailored to early learners. Finally, we will encourage student participation at the 2023 Annual Meeting in Austin by continuing to advertise ACLP student membership (which includes complimentary conference registration); making adjustments to the trainee mixer to enhance student accessibility; and building on practices initiated at CLP 2022 to more personally welcome student attendees throughout the meeting.

Please remind your students of the multiple ACLP web resources available to them (including and the medical student tab of and the numerous benefits associated with ACLP membership (with an annual fee of $0 for students!).

For interested students, there is also an option each fall to apply to join our subcommittee as a student member. If there are other ways you would like to see our group share C-L Psychiatry with early learners, please let us know.


Online Education
Chair: Sahil Munjal, MD

The subcommittee aims to improve ACLP members’ access to online educational resources and tools available through the ACLP website. We will continue to facilitate production of ACLP podcasts to further disseminate ACLP content. We have content pertaining to HIV, bariatric surgery, and emergency psychiatry in the pipeline. We plan to involve other subcommittees and SIGs to identify new content areas.

We will continue to update the ACLP website to further improve user experience and site navigation. We are excited to work with the new ACLP executive office staff, Christine Morgan, on these endeavors.

Lastly, we have completed the development of a brief online survey for ACLP members to determine members’ online education needs.


Residency Education
Chair: Thomas Soeprono, MD

The subcommittee focuses on promoting educational scholarship, developing educational materials, recruiting trainees to C-L Psychiatry, and addressing issues of DEI in C-L Psychiatry training.

We host virtual case conferences in an effort to provide practical education to trainees interested in C-L Psychiatry. Case conferences occur every other month and are part of a monthly webinar series that will alternate with a new series of journal clubs this year. We source cases through SIGs, the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (JACLP), and ACLP members. Interested parties can send a brief summary of their case to and we will review cases for selection.

The subcommittee continues to add to its How To guide series on common consultation questions encountered by residents on a C-L Psychiatry service. We anticipate new additions to the archive including MAT for pregnant women, treatment of opiate use disorders for inpatients, and how to talk to patients about dying and death.

We published the results of a 10-year follow-up survey of psychiatry resident education in C-L Psychiatry and look forward to continuing these efforts in the coming year in developing future recommendations based on this survey for training programs.

The subcommittee continues its collaboration with other Education subcommittees to create a shared DEI curriculum for C-L Psychiatry educators. We also help to support and promote the successful mentorship program that developed out of this subcommittee. 


Chair: Terry Rabinowitz, MD, DDS, FACLP


Business of C-L Psychiatry
Chair: Patrick Aquino, MD, FACLP

At its February meeting the subcommittee determined potential workshops or presentations for the next Annual Meeting.

Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP, presented data collected regarding productivity benchmarking for C-L Psychiatry. Opportunities exist to educate membership on how psychiatrists are being measured and what needs to be measured in C-L Psychiatry. Potential collaboration potentials with other committees and SIGs include updated education on new inpatient billing codes and impact on practice.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chair: Leena Mittal, MD, FACLP

We are pleased to report that over the next year the Academy has engaged with DEI consultant Health Justice. Our subcommittee will be working closely with our consultants to help them create, disseminate, and analyze a survey of membership and leadership with the goal of enhancing the diversity of our membership, realizing the aim of becoming a more inclusive professional home.

In addition, we will be working even more closely with the Annual Meeting Committee this year around increasing the focus on DEI content in the sessions as well as continuing to highlight and amplify the diversity of our membership presenting and attending the meeting.

We also continue to collaborate closely with the fellowship and awards subcommittee and the mentorship subcommittee and the Education Committee. Additional collaborations over the past year and for the coming year include with the Women’s Caucus and Women’s Health SIG around gender equity and reproductive rights.


Chair: Christopher Celano, MD, FACLP

The committee, and its two subcommittees, have been very active since the Annual Meeting. First, we are excited to kick off a bimonthly, online journal club, which will focus on articles being used by the ABPN article-based pathway for C-L Psychiatry certification. Authors of the articles—or experts in the field—will present key points of the articles and will answer questions live from attendees. Our first journal club will be on Wednesday, 3/8/2023 from 12:30-1:00 PM (EST), and will focus on the safety of psychiatric medications in pregnancy.

The committee is also editing descriptions of the Lipsitt and Webb Fellowship Awards, as well as the application questions, to increase transparency and clarity regarding the criteria by which these awards will be given.

Chair: Jeffrey Staab, MD, MS, FACLP

We are finalizing plans to hold a half-day Research Career Development Colloquium on Wednesday, November 8, before the start of this year’s Annual Meeting. This event is designed for individuals at any stage of their clinical careers who wish to advance in research. 

The colloquium will include didactic presentations on creating successful research projects in C-L Psychiatry, plus workshops for people striving to become independently funded investigators, collaborative clinician scientists, or leaders of scholarly quality improvement projects. 

Selected attendees will receive dedicated mentorship from a panel of experienced investigators to advance their own research ideas or proposals. 

More detailed information, including instructions on registering for a workshop or submitting a proposal for mentorship, will be posted to the ACLP website by early summer.


Guidelines & Evidence-Based Medicine
Chair: Scott Simpson, MD, MPH, FACLP

The subcommittee is completing the ACLP’s first set of best practice guidelines, related to the evaluation and management of depression in solid organ transplant recipients.

We have several initiatives to help disseminate information, not only to our Academy members but also aimed towards all who can benefit, including our patients and the general medical community.

Our members review the latest C-L Psychiatry literature on a quarterly basis on several different topics. Our quarterly abstracts Annotations have continued to be popular and well-received. We encourage members to check out the sickle cell, infectious disease, and aging abstracts—alongside longstanding favorites such as emergency psychiatry, transplant, and delirium.

We also plan to collaborate with SIGs to help develop consensus statements and guidelines in order to advance the mission of the evidence-based practice of C-L Psychiatry.


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